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Late night, but its alright

Venture Communications has deep roots in rural South Dakota, having begun offering phone service in 1952. After decades of growth and technological progress, Venture now proudly provides Fiber to the Home (FTTH) to 100% of our customers, enabling them to enjoy super-fast and reliable internet connections. Electric cars, they are normal now. Find out firsthand from these normal people who drive electric vehicles Corvettes For Sale in Atlanta, Georgia. Corvettes for sale from classic 1967 and vintage to late model C5 Z06, C6 Grand Sport, C7 Stingray, and Corvette Convertible. Financing and international transport available. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Production of All-New 2022 MDX Begins in Ohio, Creating New Flagship of the Acura Brand January 12, 2021. Acura today celebrated the official production start of the all-new 2022 Acura MDX at the East Liberty Auto Plant in Ohio. Joe Biden on Friday used his first late-night television talk show appearance as US president to highlight his infrastructure bill -- and laugh off his flagging approval ratings.

2022.01.24 07:05 Opu_Da_Nut Late night, but its alright

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2022.01.24 07:05 NoTart8886 First time mum advice!

Hi all, me (28F) and my husband (28) are due to have a baby in around 7 weeks. Any advice on conversations we should be having before baby arrives? Particular things like who does what chores when baby arrives, visitors etc. I feel like we’ve briefly talked but I’d like to get him to sit down properly and have a proper conversation about it all. Any advice would be great :)
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2022.01.24 07:05 LargePurpleShoe 【4K】Japan Walking Tour - Japanese Garden with Snowfall - Winter Scenery at Kenrokuen

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2022.01.24 07:05 IamtheDenmarkian dressing up as a stormtrooper! what could possibly go wrong?

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2022.01.24 07:05 munin7b-2 good evening , how about you?

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2022.01.24 07:05 zorilee 0nlyfanz- onlyfans.com/zorilee only 3$ now ❤️‍🔥

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2022.01.24 07:05 Steve--stevenson Náboje když Baryk v Resident Evil potká Molda

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2022.01.24 07:05 Lewdomasteroflewds [M/FB/Futa4AplayingF] A good ol' fandom RP

Hello everybody, it is I, Lewdo. Hope you all are having a lovely morning, night, afternoon, or whatever time you are reading this. At the moment I am looking for a partner who would like to play out a long term romance ERP that takes place in a 'premade' universe.

Now one thing I would like to state right out of the gate is that I SUCK at playing as cannon characters. Now silent protags? I can do that of course, and I can even take the role of cannon characters if they are more of a side role, but like, actually playing as them as my *main* character? I totally suck. Because of that, I will be playing as a OC (unless you want me to play as a silent character like Link or Byleth or someone along those lines.) As for your character, I will admit I do enjoy OC x OC a tad more then OC x Cannon, but if there is anybody you wanna play as go ahead and bring it up and I am sure we can work something out together! That goes for many other things aswell, I do not judge and I am willing to at the very least talk over some things, and most times I love discussing new ideas, so if you have something to suggest, sexual or not just fire away.

Now for the plot itself, that of course depends on what fandom we are playing in and our characters but I am a sucker for longer terms romance roleplays. I adore all that lovely dovey, sickening sweet stuff, I am also a fan of some drama and action in stories. Don't get me wrong, I love smut, there will be plently of it in our story, but I don't want every scene to lead to it. I like more of a 'plot with porn' rather then a 'porn with plot' type of deal, if you catch my drift?

Anywho, I think I have ran my big ol' mouth for quite long enough, you are probably wondering what all fandoms I wanted to RP in and brainstorm up a story with you in. If that is the case well, you are about to get a list!

If a fandom name is in **Bold** that means I really, really like it and know alot about it! But don't feel pressured to only choose those options! Also, if you wanna RP something that isn't in the list then just tell me about it! I am a huge nerd, so chances are I probably at the very least heard about it. Enough talk now, seriously, time to show off the list~!

**Azure Striker Gunvolt**




Dragon Ball


Final Fantasy Seven

Fire Emblem

Highschool DxD

**Kingdom Hearts**

Monster Girl Quest


Mega Man (mainly battle network or starforce.)


Nasuverse ​




**Soul Eater**

**Shin Megami Tensei**

Super Robot Wars

The World Ends with You


Xenoblade Chronicles one/two

My kinks: Romance, build up, 'thicc' body types, high heels, taller females, gentle Fdom, lipstick, thighjobs, titjobs, blowjobs, assjobs, deepthroat, facials, public play, hold the moan, cumplay, sexy outfits, femboy on female, monster girls, cuddling, anal, kissing, and plently more!

My hard limits: NTR, CBT, Sounding, scat, and rape.
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2022.01.24 07:05 TrueGameplayClips Relaxing Music with Scenery • Deep Sleeping Music, Relaxing Music, Stress Relief, Meditation Music

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2022.01.24 07:05 splictionary What is this specific hammer used for?

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2022.01.24 07:05 Srazack_76 An Advance Haki Pictogram - How I think it works!

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2022.01.24 07:05 themoorofvenice Children aged 5 to 11 can walk in for COVID-19 vaccination from Mondays to Thursdays without appointment

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2022.01.24 07:05 El_Nealio Ganyu wanters WILL BE Ganyu havers

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2022.01.24 07:05 therobarthur How are you allocating your time?

Unlike money, you can't save time.
You can spend it or you can invest it.
However, many of us do only one of the two.
Some of us live only for the moment, neglecting the future.
Others of us always look ahead, never appreciating the present.
How are you allocating your time?
You've got this.
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2022.01.24 07:05 redit202 Daily Recipe of the Day from Taste of Home: 3-Ingredient Banana Bread - January 23, 2022

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2022.01.24 07:05 vabrecha39 Hi guys, i'm going to custumize V9 pads at goaliemonkey & i want the same strapping like on the photo. Actually I would ask in the additional comments to add 2 leather calf straps & no boot strap, but on Goaliemonkey this text field is not available. What should i do?Thank for helping😁

Hi guys, i'm going to custumize V9 pads at goaliemonkey & i want the same strapping like on the photo. Actually I would ask in the additional comments to add 2 leather calf straps & no boot strap, but on Goaliemonkey this text field is not available. What should i do?Thank for helping😁 submitted by vabrecha39 to hockeygoalies [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 07:05 macon007 The roadrage is real

Doing 70 on a 70 road. Indicator on and need to switch to the right lane. Folks zooming past on the right, so slow down to maybe 60 and after 2 cars, I switch over. As the car behind me passes, I hear a loud thumb on the left side and my partner freaks out. Turns out the person behind me decided to fling something at my car, leaving a dent, coz god forbid I slowed him down by 5 minutes. Glad my kid wasn't in the car. He would have freaked out, coz it struck his side.
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2022.01.24 07:05 SashaMitchener Customize Tshirt & Hoodies from China for Lowest Cost. Case Study

Product customization has been very popular over the recent years. We’ve seen more and more personalized or customized clothes, beverage bottles, cosmetics, etc.

We’ve also noticed the trend of Company T-shirts across industries. 2 years ago, we also made our own business t-shirts, but we find not many colleagues want to wear them, because they do not like wearing t-shirts of the same color and design with other people; nor do those t-shirts look fashionable.

After seeing this, we want to do something different this year. Why not purchase some nice hoodies, then use different b2btradewirkd design logos? This way, our colleagues can choose the style they like, the color they like, and make their t-shirts different from others.

This is exactly how our story of customizing our own t-shirts starts. We’d much like to share with you our experience of how we made it possible from concept to reality. Keep reading and feel free to reach out to us for more discussion.

Purchase T-shirts from wholesale markets
Once we decide to do it, the first question that comes to mind is where to go to purchase the t-shirts. We are in Yiwu, the nearest market is Yiwu clothing wholesale market, one of the largest clothing markets in China. We can also go to Hangzhou, which is not so far away, within an hour’s reach by car.

After consideration, finally, we decided to go to Hangzhou Zhidi International market, the best men’s clothing market in Eastern China.

Hangzhou Zhidi International market
We walked around in the market, looking for the t-shirt styles that we want and bargaining with the suppliers or the best price.

We have 50+ employees in our office, though our purchasing quantity is not large, the good thing is that it is big enough to get a wholesale price!

We were able to buy each t-shirt for only 25-50 RMB ($3.8-$7.6)! For those t-shirts, if you just buy 1 piece, the suppliers will quote you a retail price, usually around 100 RMB for one t-shirt.

After around 3 hours in the market, we finally got all the Tshirt samples from 3 suppliers with different colors and sizes! Happy results to bring back to the office.

Design and Choose Logos
After coming back to the office, we started to design different logos with our in-house graphic designer. We browsed hundreds of t-shirt designs on the internet and finally chose to use silkscreen, embroidery letters and embroidered patch.

Our graphic designer (Min) working on the logo design

We also built a page on our website to let our colleagues choose the design and color they like.

After that, we were able to calculate the number of different t-shirts for each design. Based on that, we started to find manufacturers to get them all printed.

Find Right Manufacturers for Each Printing Method
The hardest part of the entire process was finding the right manufacturers for each printing design. We wanted to find manufacturers that specialized in each printing method, and were also willing to accommodate small quantities at a good price.

As most manufacturers have MOQ requirements, and our quantity is much smaller than that. With the introduction of my friend, there are several manufacturers were willing to do us a favor.

After getting connected with these manufacturers, we made an appointment with each of them and visited all of the 3 manufacturers on the same day to finish all the logos.

Factory 1: Clothing Workshop
Firstly we went to a clothing workshop to help us sew on embroidery patch logo.

Although this type of workshop is very small, they can make almost all types of clothes, no matter it is a t-shirt, hoodie, or down jacket. Of course, their prices will be much lower than those big scale clothing manufacturers.

Worker’s sewing embroidered patch on the t-shirt

An embroidered patch is a cloth badge, which can be made by hand or using embroidery machines. There are various ways of attaching an embroidery patch to the fabric surface, such as sew-on, iron-on, etc. You can see them widely used on hats, clothes, appearing very high-quality.

And the cost? We only spent around $20 for making 25 pieces of patches. The supplier only charged us $15 for sewing all these patches on 25 pieces of t-shirts. In total, we only spent $1.4 for using this embroidery patch solution. If we have over 100 pieces of t-shirts to let them process, the total cost for each one will be even less than $0.8.

Factory 2: Embroidery manufacturer
After that we went to an embroidery manufacturer, they will help us make the embroidery logo on the t-shirts.

A glimpse of Embroidery Factory

There is one thing that I’d like to mention here. In the beginning, when we presented our printing requirements to the manager of the factory, he told us it is very hard to print embroidery logo on these finished clothes. Because the clothes cannot be put flat and fixed on the machines. But we finally made it by adjusting the logo a little bit smaller.

Usually they embroider this type of logo on the cloth, instead of finished clothes. This is the easiest way for them. That’s also why what we see on the machines is all cloth (just like below).

The embroidery machines are printing on the cloth.

Embroidered logo is finished!

This design is the most popular one among my colleagues, as the embroidered logo makes this whole Tshirt look like a brand one that you buy from the shopping mall.

As we only have 40 clothes to process, the supplier charged us $1 for each t-shirt. We were told that if we have 200 t-shirts to process, they will charge less than $0.5 each.

Factory 3: Silk Screen Printing Manufacturer
After settling down all the things with embroidery manufacturer, we went on to a silk screen printing manufacturer to finish the rest of clothes.

Silk screen printing is the most popular printing technique used by companies to print designs onto products of different sizes and materials. It is also the cheapest printing method. A mesh is used in this technique to transfer ink onto a substrate.

Below is the manager of the silk screen printing manufacturer, making a printing mold before printing our designs onto the t-shirts. Usually a printing mold costs around $20.

The manager is matching the color using a scraperpi

Using a hair dryer to dry the pigment

Finally, we finished printing all samples of 3 designs on t-shirts of different colors. They all look pretty good. For the week followed, all the t-shirts will arrive at our office.

We are so happy to see them all finished. The manufacturer charged me $20 for creating the printing mold for each design, and $0.8 for printing each t-shirt.

As you can see from the whole process, we just spent an average price of $7 to buy from the wholesale market, plus $1 for the logo printing, that is $8 in total to customize one t-shirt in China.

Guess about the price for t-shirts of the same quality in the shopping mall. It’ll cost $30 or more in China’s retail stores.

We hope you enjoy this sharing. If you want to make a nice t-shirt or hoodie of good quality for your company or your private label business, customization is the right way to go for the lowest cost.
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2022.01.24 07:05 theabomb99 It keeps Chat up at night, really.

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2022.01.24 07:05 MilesCW I wish they would bring back our Farm from Pandaria and transform it into a new profession - Farming

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2022.01.24 07:05 _ktpp_ Clock in CProcessing

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2022.01.24 07:05 dave_613 Lexapro + caffeine pills: currently getting me through life!

Hi guys,
i'm 5 weeks into Lexapro. 15mg up from 10mg initially. For anxiety and depression.
I gave up coffee a couple of years ago but the fatigue (during the first few weeks and now after increasing dose) has been heavy.
I picked up some caffeine pills last week on Amazon and have been using them to get work done.
I know that there are medical drugs for fatigue like Wellbutrin. But I had a really nasty experience on that particular medication with insane anxiety.
I know that caffeine is bad for anxiety. But falling behind on work because I'm too sleep to get anything done is also really stressful. So I figure that as a temporary measure it's the lesser of two evils.
Has anybody found an alternative mechanism for fighting through the fatigue and lethargy? I know that it lifted after a few weeks on my first dose. But I can't wait that long without getting work done!
Thanks for any suggestions!
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2022.01.24 07:05 Megneous So, is this what the cargo area of a sloop is supposed to look like at night?

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2022.01.24 07:05 TLAlien Oh no,, Anyway

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2022.01.24 07:05 j__walla NFT feature completed on github! LFG 🚀🚀🚀

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