Läsa Spanska 3 på Komvux

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2022.01.24 06:54 Fre5h_Prince Läsa Spanska 3 på Komvux

Hej, har någon här läst Spanska 3 på Hermods? Har du kvar uppdragen ifrån kursen? Vill nämligen jämföra uppgifterna mellan två olika skolor, NTI och Hermods, då jag har nästan gett upp hoppet om att läsa kursen på NTI då de är ganska stränga med deras bedömningar och har för många uppgifter.
Om du har läst spanska 3 i någon annan skola, dela gärna med era erfarenheter av att läsa på skolan i fråga.
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2022.01.24 06:54 Active-Heron-8898 A horror version of Deadlocked

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2022.01.24 06:54 shanabailey SYL 11 12Ah 36V 1200Wx2 Electric Skateboard [EU] for 479.99 USD with coupon (Best price in history: $479.99) [EUROPE]

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2022.01.24 06:54 GrillfriendIsBetter Gatekeeping minimum wage

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2022.01.24 06:54 KCTurkeyTL 💎Space Falcon (FCON) KuCoin'de Listeleniyor! Dünya galası!

💎Space Falcon (FCON) KuCoin'de Listeleniyor! Dünya galası!
🤑Yatırma Açık
🚀 FCON/USDT Ticareti: 25 Ocak 2022 15:00
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2022.01.24 06:54 Locksmith9068 Best country music

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2022.01.24 06:54 Grand-Daoist Could Honorary Title Awards help in increasing Fertility Rates and Births?

Like for example this one in the soviet union - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mother_Heroine. For example countries like USA, China, Canada, Ireland, the UK, Australia, Portugal, South Korea, Norway, New Zealand, Chile, Italy, Spain, Japan, etc have a 1 child per woman TFR so; could an award/honorary title for having let's say 3 children, 4 children or 5 children per woman help here?
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2022.01.24 06:54 Fujo_chan Some very amateur questions about Resin

Some very amateur questions about Resin Hello,
I'm very new to resin, as in I've only been looking into it for a couple of hours now and one of the Australian websites that I've come across to purchase some has a few different clear types - ArtCast and Art Resin.
The main reason that I'm looking into resin is that I purchased some acrylic keychains a little while ago, which arrived with small scratches on the surface and after watching some videos today, I realised that those scratches could be appearing because they haven't had any resin applied. I just thought it would make for an interesting exercise to see if I could make them look better.
Would anyone happen to know what the differences are between these resins and which one might work for what I'm trying to do? I was also wondering if I would need to purchase a UV light in order to cure them or if a lighte match would be sufficient enough? This is the link to the website and I'll also have a picture included within this post of which ones I'm talking about. They do sell other kinds of resins, but I thought these two would be the ones I'd be looking at. https://www.justresin.store/collections/all-resins
I'm very sorry to inconvenience you with these very amateur questions, but I just really want to see if the issue with my keychains can be fixed using this. (I'm also looking into the proper safety precautions - I just out and bought a 3M respirator mask today so please don't worry, I'm trying to take this exercise very seriously)
Thank you for your time! :)
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2022.01.24 06:54 Roadkill_GTO I guess im dead

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2022.01.24 06:54 Scarabium Please Come for Dinner

The doorbell sang the second movement of Beethoven's Seventh symphony: an announcement that my friends had arrived. Margot, Tom, Mo, Jane, Evelyn and Sope.
I had offered to cook for them as a gesture of thanks for welcoming me, a newcomer to the city, into their circle. They insisted that friendship was inevitable when they realised how charming I was. A toast was raised.
The night had begun with the opening of a bottle of Claus Preisinger bonsai: a very elegant red that prepared the palate.
The starter was a vegetable goyza, the filling blended with chestnuts and tempered with Shaohsing rice wine. A chilli dipping sauce added some sweetness.
Sope said it was the best thing he'd tasted for ages, despite not being enamoured with dumplings. I thanked him and topped up his glass.
For the main course I had prepared tamarind-glazed black bass. Fish is always a risky proposition but I was confident my friends would enjoy it after the first mouthful. The coconut herb salad smoothed the passage.
A slight pause was required before dessert and we spoke of many subjects, from local matters to what TV shows everyone was watching. I admitted to having a soft spot for The Leftovers. Evelyn convinced me to try Twin Peaks.
Dessert was Fruits on a Snow Mountain, a simple dish where berries and fruits are placed on a pile of ice cubes. Coffee was then served, an earthy heat to follow a heavenly cold.
As everyone relaxed I made an announcement. They all knew I had money and I proclaimed that I had booked them all a trip to Mexico as gratitude for their friendship.
Margot and Tom politely refused, saying that it was too generous. I insisted that it was something I wanted to do and it would please me if they changed their mind. If they didn't then what I'd put inside them would kill them.
The shock on their faces was amusing to behold. I explained that the goyza contained tiny capsules containing an experimental drug called Grave Dust. When they landed in Mexico my assistant would remove the drug, pay them off and release them. Mo reacted violently when he realised I wasn't joking but I informed him that the capsule had a two day life. After that, the Grave Dust would flood their system and poison them. My assistant was the only person who could help them.
Margot started to cry when the minibus beeped outside. I told my friends to hurry and wished them good health.
As the vehicle left my phone rang.
"Yes - I used the Grave Dust story again," I told the caller. "Also, there's something you need to know before you start removing their organs."
My assistant sighed.
"Margot told me that she was pregnant tonight," I explained. "The foetus will be worth something so make sure you get a good price from those unholy things when you sell it. Tell them I can guarantee it comes from good stock."
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2022.01.24 06:54 Ok_Huckleberry7725 Artstation downloader not working anymore? It says that there are no tabs to consume and doesn't start saving the images.

I am trying to make a moodboard from using AT downloader but it stopped working when I changed the default saving location. It shows the number badge on the it's icon but wount not save anything. Have tried other browsers but it's not avaiable
Anyone here face the same problem?
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2022.01.24 06:54 Other_Attention_5693 juditogel

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2022.01.24 06:54 New_Possession_4878 [H] Guide showing you how to get any account for free, and create a profitable shop. Includes streaming like HBO MAX and Hulu, food and more! Written by someone with extensive experience selling accounts. 75+ vouches and my earnings proof inside! [W] 16.99 USD Crypto, Paypal

Use code "LUCKY" for 10% off any product! Info I am the original creator and seller of this guide and method. I have used a few different reddit accounts over the 1+ years I have been selling including recently, but it remains the same original seller and autobuy shop.
If you have any questions about my product or experience before or after purchasing, please do not hesitate to send me a chat!
Links for info and purchase If you would like to go directly to my autobuy to purchase, click here. Check the year posted and views as proof this is the original seller.
Link: https://pastebin.com/UgxVgkPk
To see my earnings, click here
Link: https://ibb.co/album/0KKnTS
To go to my site to view more information, vouches and purchase, click here
Link: https://getanyaccountforfree.airsite.co/
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2022.01.24 06:54 Infamous_Station_548 Need your input?

Algorand Apex. Asa id: 552061977 Been looking and see another lofty.ai just different way of doing things? My more important is do you guys think it's a rug pull or a nice opportunity to get in on a project at a 50k Mkt cap?
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2022.01.24 06:54 Mapoleo .

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2022.01.24 06:54 Opoyiss Omicron variant soon likely to enter villages, experts predict

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2022.01.24 06:54 Dusk2345 Keyboard media key (Play/Pause) won't work on linux

Does anyone know how to fix this?
This works in Windows, and my media keys work in Ubuntu with other browsers. Its just the combination of Opera on Ubuntu.
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2022.01.24 06:54 josegambina Abandoned Soviet Submarine Base

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2022.01.24 06:54 enlightened_editor Liverpool bomber had asylum claim rejected six years before the attack

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2022.01.24 06:54 OmgImAlexis What was the last band you saw live before Covid took over?

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2022.01.24 06:54 hallaneena Faceswap eläimille?

Tuli puhetta siitä, että pystyykö mikään kuvantunnistussofta mixaamaan esineitä ja eläimiä. Vinkkejä kiitos, me ei olla mitään kuvankäsittelyvelhoja. :D
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2022.01.24 06:54 Random_Admiral_ Ho trovato il nemico di Pietro, aiutatelo a crescere e lo eradicherà

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2022.01.24 06:54 DaleksAreAwesome I’m loving this game

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2022.01.24 06:54 joyless_againn Come on Reddit update already we are waiting

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2022.01.24 06:54 alay_NB Snake Farm on vRG drops

Is it possible I already got all that the first boss can drop? I have head, shoulder, chest and arm pieces of all 4 perfected sets. Strangely only these pieces.
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