The fabled "Radiobarite". Myth or fact? The only time I've seen this for sale was on eBay, and the stated activity was only ~2 uSv/hr @ 1 cm, so essentially nothing(compared to other sources). I've seen comments online of people claiming that this mineral has dose rates in the multi-roentgens level

2021.12.03 02:08 External-Peak-4723 The fabled "Radiobarite". Myth or fact? The only time I've seen this for sale was on eBay, and the stated activity was only ~2 uSv/hr @ 1 cm, so essentially nothing(compared to other sources). I've seen comments online of people claiming that this mineral has dose rates in the multi-roentgens level

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2021.12.03 02:08 Davess_World2019 Hagwon Check List. How many still exist?

🚧 Under Construction 🚧
TEST: How long do Hagwons last? And why do you suppose most of them fail, or change their brand name? How many of these schools sound even remotely familiar to you?
*A Hagwon Blacklist site using the web hosting service "Tripod" that started in the '90s, closed down about 2009, and seems to have been rebooted, still has old blacklisted Hagwons. The web captures from the Wayback Machine were active from 2004-2006, but the date of the original postings is unclear.
Bridge School
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2021.12.03 02:08 lss_bvt_and_05 LssTest-TextPost-65780

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2021.12.03 02:08 Shepartd_1985 Have an Asus Rog Strix 3060 O12G V2 in pc and want to hook up 2 additional monitors. Have 2 gigabyte GTX 1050s and was womdering if I should install one to use for extra monitors or sell them both and buy a better GPU and go that route?

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2021.12.03 02:08 Jcoolsurfer9 Day 1 Photos

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2021.12.03 02:08 FallCompetitive7976 03-December I am still here

It is 03-December 05:08. I am terrified.
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2021.12.03 02:08 Rainydays02 Pu

Is very cute it reminds me of Pokémon platinum night music
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2021.12.03 02:08 DoctorRhino M1 Mac Mini Violent Static Sounds Through Bluetooth Speakers

I have an awesome Bluetooth receiver, the Sony STR-DH190, and two KEF Q150s, and they sound excellent… except when I’m paired with my Mac Mini.
Any low frequency sounds that get sent to the receiver are played as this violent, jarring static. The sounds are justttt infrequent enough to keep me using the Bluetooth setup, but I feel badly because they disturb my roommate, who’s sensitive to sharp sounds.
It only happens with my Mac Mini, and only with low frequency sounds, and only when connected through Bluetooth. It has to be the Mac Mini right? Anyone else encounter this problem?
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2021.12.03 02:08 Madsmadsmads420 F18 Honest opinions?

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2021.12.03 02:08 JeanPedrovitch I hate the Japan fandom

Be There are seven types of people in the Japan fandom
1 - The Weeaboo - The weeaboo proudly proclaims that they love Japan despite not knowing anything about it besides what they have seen in anime. They are the most vocal about their weird obsession yet know the least about the culture, history, government, economic system, art (outside of basic anime targeted towards young boys), or language of Japan. They all have no social skills and want to run away from their home country to Japan because they have the false perception that Japan is like anime or that everyone there loves anime, and that if either of those things were true, they wouldn’t have any social issues.
2 - The Japan Hater - The Japan Hater proudly proclaims that they hate Japan but they secretly know a lot about the culture, history, art, and language and read Japanese news constantly. They are almost always former weeaboos / current closeted weeaboos who hate themselves. They have the social skills to know that running away to a new country is not the answer but not enough to be friendly or to stop openly judging Japan or weeaboos.
3 - The Fetish Guy - These guys could not give less of a fuck about Japan, but they want to take a woman back to their home country with them. They infantilise and objectify women based on their race. They want a submissive wife and think that Japanese women will flock to them because they’re white. They are always ugly and smell bad. Zero social skills. Watches hentai and posts hentai memes. Once they realize that they can not get their pan-pan or yujo in Japan, they will go to Taiwan, Vietnam, or Korea.
4 - The Business Guy - Here for working / semester abroad. The most sociable person that you will meet among expats. He has never seen anime but is always down for any popular movie. He will take the time to actually understand the fine arts and culture of Japan. Honestly a 50/50 as to wether or not he will stay in Japan. Solid dude.
5 - The Native Born Japanese Guy - His interest in the English speaking Japan fandom began innocently enough, just wanting to practice his English, but has (over time) turned into a narcissistic indulgence where he is the cool kid for once in his life. He infantilizes and cartoonishly exaggerates his own homeland to gain affirmation from internet strangers. Some times, native born Japanese people who speak English are not doing this, but it’s only a matter of time before they do, especially when there’s money involved.
6 - The foreign born / hafu Japanese - They have a major identity crisis in the works. Very chill, but they are not sure about how much of or what they want to embrace. Just want to chill but they have to deal with all of the aforementioned groups.
7 - The Bitch - The bitch is the type of person to type all of this out or read it. They make assumptions about everyone and are incredibly judgmental. They are the worst out of all of these groups.
I feel like everyone here is fetishizing and/or infantilizing a country and it’s people and/or enabling that behavior. There seems to be no actual productive or authentic discussions about Japan. I guess that the solution is to just learn Japanese and use Japanese internet / SNS, but I’m too stupid to do that, so instead I’m going to pretend to take the high-road and call the sun to action to make better content, without giving an example or even a rough guideline as to what that might be. Good day to all, especially the kids who have to deal with my bullshit.
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2021.12.03 02:08 mac_attack8968 Reshiram Raid- 2553 4588 5874

Adding as many as I can! Stay in!
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2021.12.03 02:08 TheHorizonsBand Watch
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2021.12.03 02:08 ngrdwmr finally hit 40 sales!! there’s still room to grow but this feels like an accomplishment :))))

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2021.12.03 02:08 screamtheories How I think Scream (2022) will play out

Let me just say that this is that all my thoughts. Some of these are from past leaks and spoilers. Please do not hate on this. This is just my idea on how Scream (2022) will play out. Please just be positive thx.
OPENING ATTACK: Tara Carpenter is home alone. The night starts of how all teenagers are when their home alone. She's texting her friend, Amber Freeman and offers her to come over. That's when she gets a phone call from the houses landline. She declines the first call and continues texting her friend. The landline rings once again. This time, Tara answers it. The caller is claiming to be a friend of her mothers and they have a conversation that's cut short by the caller getting creepy and aggressive. Tara hangs up the phone and texts Amber what just happened. The landline rings again and that's when Amber tells her to answer the phone. Tara answers the phone and its Ghost Face. She calls the police on her cell phone while they play a game. Probably, "horror movie trivia." Tara gets a question wrong. She bolts to the front door. opens it to revel Ghost Face waiting for her. He slices her stomach. Tara tries slamming the door on him but he gets his hand through but she eventually closes the door and locks it. At some point she runs into the kitchen and gets a knife but then Ghost Face hacks into her house system to mess with her or trick her. Tara ends up in the kitchen and backs herself into the hall that's connected to the kitchen. Ghost Face comes up from behind and gets a grip on her. Stabs her in the gut which makes her drop the knife. Ghost Face throws Tara around in the kitchen. She ends up on the floor. Ghost Face stomps on both her feet. Breaking them. Tara tries crawling for the patio door but Ghost Face pulls her back by her feet. As he's about to kill her police sirens & lights fade in. Ghost Face quickly leaves through the back door before police are able to get into the house.
(Now what I'm wondering is how her friends are gonna find out. Like since Wes's mom is the sheriff, I wonder if she's gonna tell him before he goes to school or if Tara's gonna text them later tomorrow?)
ACT ONE: Outside of Woodsboro, California. We are in a small town we are introduced to our new final girl, Samantha (Sam) Carpenter and her boyfriend, Richie Kirsch at the bowling ally they work at. Their both on their break and are talking about stuff until she get's a call from Woodsboro's police station or hospital, and that's when she finds out that her younger sister, Tara was attacked last night.
We are back in Woodsboro and a sheriff's car pulls up to a mobile home or a trailer home. Judy Hicks exits the car and goes up to the door. She knocks on it to revel, Dewey Riley behind it. She goes inside the house and tells Dewey what happened last night. She ask him to help but he denies. Not wanting to get into all of that. As Judy leaves, Dewey sits on the couch and turns up the TV. We see that he's watching Gale Weather's TV show. He then pulls out his cell, calling Gale. The scene ends with Gale answering the phone, "Hello?" Dewey takes a few seconds but responds with, "It's happening again."
We're now at Woodsboro High School and we meet Tara's friend group with consist of, Wes Hicks, Liv McKenize, Amber Freeman, and Chad & Mindy Meeks-Martin. We get to see their friendship before they hear about the attack. Durning lunch, their hanging out in the school's courtyard. Or this could be happening after school but the kids are hanging out together talking about Tara's attack and accusing each other. They then see Vince n/a stalking them from afar. He watches them for a little before getting in his car and leaving. Amber gets a text from Tara and Amber leaves to the hospital.
Now on rural road, Sam and Richie are driving to Woodsboro. Richie tries talking to Sam about how she feels because it's obvious that she's anxious about returning to Woodsboro. They talk about Sam's past for a little. We're still being left in the dark because Sam is leaving a lot out and not mostly answering but they eventually pass a sign welcoming to Woodsboro. we see stock videos of town.
At the Woodsboro Hospital we see Deputy Farney and Deputy Vinson. Their being Tara's security guards at the hospital. Amber's hanging out with Tara in her patients room. That's when Sam and Richie come and enter the room. This takes Amber and Tara by surprise cause I'm guessing Tara doesn't know Sam was going to come back. Amber hates Sam, but plays it off and leaves. Sam and Tara have an awkward interaction just because it's been 6 years since they've last seen each other.
Later that night, we're outside the 'rich' area of Woodsboro. The low poverty side of Woodsboro. Chad, Liv, Mindy, and Wes are hanging out at a runt down club or bar. If it's a bar I'm guessing they got fake IDs. Amber shows up late and tells them about how Sam's back. They start gossiping about Sam. Amber tells the four about Sam and Tara's relationship and why Sam left town. Amber and Wes get into a little argument about Tara because they both have a crush on Tara and apparently Wes talked Tara into breaking up with Amber. Eventually -- Vince comes up offering Liv an actual alcoholic drink. That pisses Chad off and they end up getting in an altercation. This get's Chad and Vince both kicked out of the bar. Vince gets kicked out into the back of the bar and Chad gets kicked out of the front of the bar. In the back of the bar Vince get's attacked by Ghost Face. Ghost Face then kidnaps Vince.
Back at the hospital, Sam and Tara are talking. Tara's trying to confront Sam on why she left town at such a young age and why she left her with family trauma. Sam denies it, she gets upset and leaves the room. Sam goes into the hallway and checks herself in the mirror. That's when she gets an incoming call from, 707-144-0188, maybe: Amber Freeman. Sam answers and that's when it turns out that it's actually Ghost Face and soon he attacks Sam. Sam and Ghost Face have a small attack but she eventually runs into Richie. She claims that she was attacked by Ghost Face and Judy comes up to them. Telling Sam that their's someone she can talk to that's been through this a lot of times.
ACT TWO: The next morning, Sam and Richie pay a visit to Dewey. He lets them in and starts talking about the rules of surviving. Sam and Richie then leave to go visit Tara's friends. Dewey declines their offer to go with them. Dewey calls Sidney and let's her know about what's been going on. Sidney surprisingly agrees on coming back to Woodsboro. Dewey hangs up then leaves his home.
Outside of the Meeks-Martin house Sam and Richie get interrupted by Dewey showing up. He decides to help them out. Going inside the house Tara's friends are already there. Everyone gathers around in the family room. They all start talking suspects and who they think the killer could be. Blaming each other for things that happened in the pass or accusing each other of attacking Tara.
After all that drama, Wes get's home. His mom is out, running errands, at the gym, or doing yoga. Wes leaves his phone in his bedroom and gets in the shower. Apparently a door or window in the house was left unlocked. Ghost Face sneaks in and take's Wes's phone. He calls Judy from his phone. Judy answers to find out that its Ghost Face. Judy quickly get's in her car and starts speeding home. Back at the Hicks house, Wes gets out of the shower and sees that his phones missing. Soon, Ghost Face attacks and Wes makes it to the back porch. Ghost Face messes Wes up but isn't able to kill him from Judy arriving. Ghost Face retreats back into the house and fights off Judy. He kills her and Wes is passed out and seems dead. Ghost Face leaves as the police begin to show up.
Minutes later, Sam is driving down the road and sees the street blocked off. She exits her car and sees Dewey talking to Deputy Farney and Vinson. We can see Wes being strolled into an ambulance and a body bag being put into Sam's about to go talk to them but she get's interrupted by Gale Weathers. Sam informs Gale about what's been going on and Gale hops over the caution tape talking to Dewey.
Sam is now at the hospital. Chad, Mindy, Liv, and Amber are at the hospital. Talking about how Wes was attacked. Amber talk about that party that she had planned for a while at her house. Liv is talking about how it's not a good idea to have a party with a killer on the loose. Mindy shuts her up saying that the parties still on and their gonna go. The four teens all split up, leaving the hospital.
Later during the evening in the hospital. Tara and Sam are talking. Sam finally decides to talk to Tara about all their family trauma. Later that night, Ghost Face kills Deputy Farney and Vinson. Dewey comes to visit Sam. Sam get's a call from the killer and she goes with Dewey to find the killer. On the other hand. Richie and Tara are hanging out in Tara's room. They hear a noise coming from around the room. Richie goes to check it out and gets attacked by Ghost Face. Tara leaves Richie to die and strolls out the room and down the halls. Sam gets a call from Ghost Face. Dewey goes with Sam to go back to Tara's room but they find Richie on the floor. He's messed up. Dewey tells Sam to stay here while she goes to look for Tara. On a separate floor. Tara's strolling down. Yelling for help. From behind. Ghost Face stalks her from behind. Ghost Face is about to kill Tara but Dewey shows up. Ghost Face tells Dewey to drop the bullets or he'll kill Tara. Dewey drops the bullets and fights of Ghost Face. Ghost Face eventually kills Dewey. He's about to go for Tara but, Sam comes along. Ghost Face leaves. Running to the elevator as cops show up. Gale hears about Dewey's death and Sam holds her back.
I'm gonna end it here cause I really don't know how the final act it gonna play out and I don't feel like guessing how it'll end but I think Liv and Amber are gonna be the killers. Just because they kind of remind me of Billy and Stu. Sam kills Richie from thinking he's the killer but he isn't.
Amber and Liv's idea is to frame Sam and Vince since I'm guessing that Vince might be a Loomis and the theories of Sam being Hank Loomis's secret love child. Or Vince could be a Macher but they still decide to frame Sam and Vince. I think Sidney will kill Liv and Amber will kill her self by setting herself on fire from rumors and I kind of want the whole house to catch on fire.
Now about Chad & Mindy Meeks-Martin. I definitely think one of them are going to survive but I hope that both do. People think Chad is a goner but I'm not so sure. All we know is that he was stabbed in the back. Dewey was stabbed in the back twice and still survived. But I defiantly think that Sidney, Gale, Tara, Sam, maybe Wes, and defiantly one of the Meeks-Martin twins will survive.
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2021.12.03 02:08 bot123321 Edler

Edler just scored his 100th NHL goal on Markstrom!
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2021.12.03 02:08 BeastPotions Website order status concerns

Website order status concerns
Ok so my G hat came today around 11AM or noon...I've only seen one other person bring this up but...why wasn't I emailed that my order had shipped?.... and also my order still says unfulfilled on the GOLF website...should I be concerned or nah?
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2021.12.03 02:08 SolidYogurt2329 That’s crazy

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2021.12.03 02:08 dIbodIb Alex Edler has scored his 100th career NHL goal, against former teammate Jacob Markstrom

Somewhat fitting, and thank god it wasn't against us
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2021.12.03 02:08 kellyknowsbest2001 Kayla Slade

Honest to god, lets make this a hate page for Kayla. My friends all look up to her. I have no fucking idea she is a basic ass bitch LMAOO. And regarding her fame for her "looks" I do not see shit. She is just another worthless human being. I know god doesn't make mistakes but shittttt he did when making her.
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2021.12.03 02:08 mangAcc [WTB] DC Command Impact FX in grey/white, size US 11/11.5/12 $95

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2021.12.03 02:08 Trendy419 Kryptex Mining 
sign up through that link and start making some money
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2021.12.03 02:08 Saltedline Flag if Bucheon City at Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

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2021.12.03 02:08 DeepManipulatedValue Okay

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2021.12.03 02:08 rekathon And with that I say Goodbye to Steelseries

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2021.12.03 02:08 jaiiwijdbdbs Third year Chief. Yay or Nay?

Hey y’all! Need some advice/insight. My IM program has third year Chief and I’m trying to see why I shouldn’t run (assuming I’ll get it if I do)
My personal ups are the admin experience, boosted fellowship chances and getting recognition for what I already do(busting my ass working, cuz I love it)
Big down is the fear of losing out on important study time in third year.
Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!
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