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pelvic floor deer trick Qigong chi kung

2021.12.03 00:37 Lost_Attempt7383 pelvic floor deer trick Qigong chi kung

if the deer trick is the taoist and daoist are the means for the internal pelvic floor muscle on the meridan for the Qi to be contained not to be released the meridans we all feel is the feeling of stimulation;s that we are have felt before to feel the stimulation is their any exercise that the eastern medicine for healthy body mind and the spirit of a man or woman to seek the higher self
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2021.12.03 00:37 pimplyteen SANTI ALDAMA - 28 minutes and staggering +52 +/- in 152-79 victory

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2021.12.03 00:37 dodgyfella Tortellini

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2021.12.03 00:37 Big-Let9966 PSA

Fuck this sub I’m going to weed. You guys are just bitches who can’t handle to the drug of your choice and want validation from Reddit a fucking app filled with other drug addicts who craving the same drug and same high ... Fuck what you sad mf got to say.. And nobody gives a fuck that you count your days you only count your days because one day you know your going to smoke again and you feel bad for enjoying it WTF has the world come to 🤦‍♂️ 🚪 Losers
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2021.12.03 00:37 Newt-5144 Timed quiz

I have a timed environment business quizwhich will only take 55mins. Please help me out
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2021.12.03 00:37 paperknight-404 Cross Domain Cookie?

say i own abc.com and my friend own def.com . we want to share one cookie between our two domains. We just want to share some information about our user but not everything. Is this possible and how? If not - can share the security risk it create?
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2021.12.03 00:37 LowerAd5068 IT FINALLY HAPPENED!

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2021.12.03 00:37 crazylegs1133 I came here by mistake so I shall post session one of what I have planned for my dungeons and dragons group(it's a work in progress) because posting an image is for cool people:

The party is just going about their daily lives when *poof* they are summoned into what appears to be a cellar turned into a wizards workshop by an excited gnome wizard who says:

"Oh good! It worked! Hello there adventurers! I have summoned you all here because I *know* your skillsets would be perfect for this *very* lucrative job.
I will pay you 200 GOLD PIECES if you manage to bring me the head of a corrupt councilman of the nearby village of Falkreath: Siddgeir."

How does the party respond?

After the party makes a decision a party of tough looking paladins, led by an elderly elf wizard burst into the room and the wizard sighs and says to the gnome wizard:

"Really Anton? Effectively kidnapping rookie adventurers who haven't yet joined a guild to get them do your dirty work? That's so many offences that you're lucky I don't just kill you now. Please don't make me waste anymore
energy than I have to arresting you, just come with us quietly."

If the party does not try fighting, the paladins will begin approaching the gnome wizard and the old elven wizard will ask the party to follow him out of the cellar where they emerge into an alpine forest and the wizard
introduces himself:

"Well my name is Gustin Trieber, I used to be a musician, in a past life, but have since taken up wizardry and currently lead Siddgeirs enforcers, Siddgeir rules the nearby village of falkreath and manages the local branch
of the adventurers guild. My team makes sure adventurers like yourself join the guild so you can be payed fairly. We also track down criminals such as the vile little gnome who teleported you all here.
I don't know where you all came from or even if you *existed* before a few minutes ago but either way I'm sure you all have some questions."

Once the party decides to head to falkreath the paladins emerge from the cellar and after potentially questions being asked, the party along with the enforcers head to falkreath and along the way Gustin Trieber asks the party:

"So I'm assuming you lot are adventurers? Are you part of any guilds?" if the party says yes Gustin will ask for verification. If they say no "Well I can give you all membership to *the* guild, we are a union of adventurers
doing tasks ranging from hunting monsters, to retrieving artifacts, to scouting for more powerful adventurers, and various other things, even less savory mercenary work. We also offer various perks such as a free stay at
participating inns"

If the party declines Gustin explains that they will not be allowed to do any work that could be considered adventurers work.

Once the party arrives at falkreath(which took about an hour of walking) they see various houses and an inn/restaurant called the stolen sweetroll and across the street from the stolen sweetroll they see a brothel/tavern called
the lusty argonian. Further down the road they see the townhall and Gustin tells the party to meet him there tomorrow as it's getting late. The party may get up to some shenanigans or go to sleep at the inn.

Once the party arrives at the townhall Gustin tells them "Oh good, you came, I don't usually deal with new recruits but it's my day off and I feel I owe it to you lot. Anyway here are your badges, and luckily I could use a group of
recruits to do a bit of investigating, some people have been acting strange and there's been reports of people going missing and I've seen the Quaggoths getting more aggressive, If you see any grimlocks or
intellect devourerers, or if you see anyone acting strangely, or any ogres outside of their territory, I need you to let me know as soon as possible. For any piece of evidence, such as a witness, or body parts from one of these
beasts then each of you will be payed 50 gold coins"

If the party investigates the area around the town they will be ambushed by 3 quaggoths, if they investigate near town they will find a group of 5 grimlocks breaking into a house and kidnapping a man
if they "investigate" the brothel they will all be asked to leave their weapons outside and one of prostitutes will try to lure a party member into a backroom, where an intellect devourerer is waiting.

Once the party reports their findings to Gustin he says:

"Oh no, It's just as I feared there has to be *at least* one mind flayer nearby, and it, or if we're unlucky, they view falkreath as a source of food, this is a very big problem and needs to be stamped out swiftly, I will send
someone out to alert nearby towns as soon as possible. We are going to need all the help we can get."


Once it is time for action, Gustin Trieber tells the party:

"I will take my team around town to investigate, if you all are sure about helping falkreath, then scour the nearby forests, check any caves you find, do not trust anyone who refuses to remove their hat or helmet, you do find
a mindflayer, do not fight it. RUN and find me, and tell me where it is. it is intelligent and deadly, and unless you've slaughtered a whole village worth of monsters in your path, the mindflayer is sure to have guards."

Once the party goes to search the forest someone will have to make an investigation check if they get somewhere between 1-5 they get encounter 1. 6-14 is encounter 2. 15-19 is encounter 3. 20+ is encounter 4.

ENCOUNTER ONE: They stumble across Antons old cellar hideout inside they see the walls scorched from blasts of magic, and the mutilated Body of Anton, being eaten by a ghast who then turns around and says.

"it seems this gnome was just an appetizer!" it then starts manically laughing as it attacks.

ENCOUNTER 2: After searching long enough for the sun to be well into setting, the party stumbles across a cave where they see a band of 15 grimlocks emerging from the cave, they are dragging a wagon full of empty
human sized cages. They have not yet seen the party and the party may choose to fight them or wait for them to pass. once they enter the cave they will come across a locked large wooden gate. If any players passive
perception is 13 or above, they will hear loud footsteps on the other side. If the party goes through they will encounter an ogre clad in full gold armor, and wielding a golden club. Once they get past the ogre they will
Encounter a trapdoor with some strange brail-like writing on it, if a party member can pass an intelligence check with a DC of 15, they will know this is mindflayer writing. If they open the trapdoor they will see a long ladder
leading down into magical darkness. If the party decides to go down it they come across 2 mindflayers seeming to be speaking to each other. If a party member passes a DC5 intimidation check they will flee down separate
corridors. If the party goes down either corridor, whoever is going first will have to with various traps until coming across a large room with 8 mindflayers, and an elderbrain in the center. If they miraculously survive this
encounter, they just kinda win. This is the only encounter where they do not have reroll investigation. Instead they can, but due to fear and it being very late by this point, they will gain one level of exhaustion.

ENCOUNTER 3: The party comes across a clearing in the woods, with a large stone with a shiny looking sword lodged in it at the center of the clearing. If someone tries to pull it out they will a quiet click, and the dirt beneath them will fall, along with them unless they pass a DC20 dexterity check. They wind up falling into a large cavern full of gold and trinkets, and most prominently an ancient copper dragon who says:

"Oh how exciting! I'm sure you are all interested in some of my treasure, yes?" If the party says no the copper dragon will simply grab each of the party members and put them back on the surface. If the party says yes
then the dragon says:

"Marvelous! I will give each of you a magical item of *my* choosing if you each complete my challenges!" The dragon points to the most fit looking party member and says "Well how about you go on a little goose chase? for this magical [weapon they are using] does that sound like a deal?"

The dragon then points to the most charming party member and says "Why don't you play a song to accompany the [race of player 1]s wild goose chase? If you impress me I'll give you a choice between a potion that makes you more attractive or an immovable rod. Does this sound like a deal?"

The dragon points to the outlier and says:

"Oh I see your traveling band has a little misfit! Do you speak common?" After a yes the dragon says "Well I challenge you to play a strange board game I've found with me. It's called "mono poly"! Such a strange name for a
strange game. If you just play this strange game with me I'll award you with a suitably strange bag of holding I've found, I can't put anything into it and the only thing inside is infinite bombs that do very little harm but creates quite a lot of smoke!"

After all this happens, the copper dragon reaches into a pile of trinkets and pulls out a small cage containing a goose and then sets it down and opens it out as he says:

"well well my little goose chaser! If you want a fancy shmancy [weapon they are wielding] you must put this goose back in it's cage!" And they must pass a DC10 athletics check.

The bard must pass a a DC10 performance check, if they pass the dragon says:

"Marvelous performance! Would you like the potion or the rod?"

If they fail the check the dragon says:

"Your song is a bit disappointing, I'm sorry but I'm just not impressed. I'm afraid you won't get the potion or the rod."

The dragon pulls out a monopoly board and explains the rules to the outlier, afterwards the player must roll a flat d20 to see if they win the game of monopoly while the other players do their tasks, if they roll an eleven or higher the dragon says:

"Well congratulations! You've won! Here's your bag of holding smoke bombs!"

If they roll 10 or lower the dragon says:

"Well thanks for playing, guess you weren't lucky enough to win! Although you still get your reward of course!"

After the party decides to leave the dragon picks them up and places them outside of the cavern, as it says:

"Thank you for the fun! I hope you enjoy your rewards!"

ENCOUNTER 4: The party stumbles across a chest just sitting in the middle of the forest if they approach, it is revealed to be a mimic and attacks.
after the battle the party finds 3000 gold pieces, so 1000 for each of them.

After the party heads back to town to report their findings and rest, the session ends.
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2021.12.03 00:37 Zephoix This is going to hurt in the morning…

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2021.12.03 00:37 I_AM_MEMES_ Hol’ up

So my mom and dad where making weird noises in their bedroom………… they are 67
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2021.12.03 00:37 skruub1e Which streets see relatively low traffic but are still water-logged during monsoon?

Hi, I'm doing a project on reducing water logging issues and would greatly appreciate it if people could name some specific spots with given condition.
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2021.12.03 00:37 SwanSongsMusic Dan Hooker 🇳🇿 believes Beneil Dariush is the most technical lightweight in the UFC.

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2021.12.03 00:37 sussyfloppatango Salad refferal code Join me on Salad and use code 5TY04O for a 2x earning rate bonus! https://salad.com

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2021.12.03 00:37 Hyrule_34 Well… shit… 😬🪥— I’m just glad it didn’t cut my mouth!

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2021.12.03 00:37 Sri_Man_420 Four-pronged plan on Sri Lanka disaster

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2021.12.03 00:37 Ill_Kaleidoscope_234 NCAAF parlay?

Thoughts about this parlay?
Georgia spread
Appalachian State spread
Pittsburgh spread
SDSU spread
Oklahoma spread
Jackson State spread
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2021.12.03 00:37 thethaosocc Soi kèo nhà cái Lille vs Troyes, 1h00 ngày 5/12/2021

Cùng Thể Thao Số soi kèo nhà cái Lille vs Troyes, 1h00 ngày 5/12/2021 để xem nên bắt cửa nào nhé.
xem bài viết chi tiết tại: https://thethaoso.com/soi-keo-nha-cai-lille-vs-troyes-1h00-ngay-5-12-2021.html?feed_id=8602
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2021.12.03 00:37 Rob1150 I found a strip steak on sale, with rosemary potatoes, and some leftover crab meat with Tarragon.

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2021.12.03 00:37 IdealPlenty 🐶🐶🐶Here is the roadmap for DataDogs. Let me know what you think! (Links to collection in comments)

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2021.12.03 00:37 Saracorbello Yay

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2021.12.03 00:37 -SirSparhawk- Streak 291: Zeitverlust

Ich habe es schon früher gesagt, aber manchmal vergeht die Zeit einfach wahnsinnig schnell. Die letzten Wochen sind so schnell vorbei vergangen und ich habe sie kaum gemerkt. Es gibt so viel, das ich zu tun habe und als ich endlich eine Wochenende habe, ist es vorbei und ich warte auf das Nächste. Ich fühle mich schecht, weil ein Freund von mir gerade eine Nachricht geschickt hat, und ich habe erkannt, dass wir seit einigen Monaten nicht mehr gesprochen haben. Das tut mir leid, umso mehr, weil dasgleiche mit allen meinen Freunden passiert hat...Auch mit Hobbys finde ich kaum Zeit, sie zu üben. Ich möchte mehr schreiben (im Sinne von Kreativestücke) aber ich habe nicht die Zeit, viel daran zu arbeiten.
Wie hält man es eigentlich aus, so wenig Zeit zu haben? Ich bin froh, einen Job zu haben, aber manchmal fühlt er den Zeitverlust nicht wert...
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