Insult to injury, or venting about why I hated Black Friday this year

2021.12.03 01:34 SaltyPepperFlakes Insult to injury, or venting about why I hated Black Friday this year

Was told at the job interview that “everyone works Black Friday. No exceptions.” Fine, whatever. That was back in January.
Then I was told around the 1st of November that the call center where I work would be open super long that day. Fine, whatever.
Apparently they were bringing in some temporary hires to try to help with the volume issue…except that I come to find out later they were making those people work the stupid ridiculous hours we the employees were protected from working. I felt so bad for them, having to do super earlier and super late that day, probably for worse pay than mine.
Their workaround for torturing us as well? “Extra hours available on Black Friday! Please sign up!”
It sounded voluntary, until I didn’t immediately jump at the chance (was already working a full day that day), and was given the not so subtle hint at the possibility of “not being seen as a team player.”
And with performance reviews on the horizon, and I need this job…
I’m just pissed. Company, you’ve already made me work today, which I didn’t want to but agreed to. Why do I have to do more? Why is it being sold as a volunteer thing when it clearly isn’t? Either tell me to work more or make it actually a choice.
And why is everybody on my team pumping the collab chats full of disgustingly fake, cheerful, corporate propaganda about how excited they are, how many more calls they WISH we would get right now (not joking, someone actually said this)? I wanted to gag for hours at how insufferable it all was.
Like, you’re making me be here. I wanted to be with my family. I wanted time to digest from Thanksgiving. You’ve forced me to sign up for longer than I wanted to. You are NOT going to get me to smile and cheer about it on top of that.
I will be here, I will do the work, and I will refrain from comments that aren’t questions, answers, or low key positivity/basic neutrality about the day. That’s it. That’s what you get, and even that just feels exhausting.
I started to get more and more red flags about the company culture around spring, when a coworker was retiring and a big deal was made about him “never taking a sick day,” and “never letting life get in the way of his work.” And he seemed to have drunk the kool aid, because he proceeded to rant about other centers and other agents who take no pride in their work or customer service…because they dared to sometimes prioritize their lives and families over the job. The horror!
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2021.12.03 01:34 imposterbird 1 month post op

...and I'm still hearing nonstop ringing in my ear. it's usually worse at night than in the day, which has made falling asleep incredibly difficult.
also still having some mild bouts of vertigo and dizziness.. sometimes my other ear will start to ring in a lower tone, and it starts to feel like my head is caving in on itself.
im not sure how normal any of this is as it was my first operation.. and I have always had anxiety issues, so I'm sure in my head I'm making things worse than they actually are. I just don't feel well, basically.
Anyone else have tinitus a month after surgery? Anything I can do to help it?
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2021.12.03 01:34 DatDudeDaveB What are you going to call the From Soft genre once Elden Ring is released?

For me im going to call it Soulsdenbourne-ekiro. How about you?
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2021.12.03 01:34 BluRevealing Why do teachers make you present in class

I have a project I have to do in English class that I could do in 5 minutes but the teacher makes you do a 2 minute presentation so I’m taking a 0 for that because my socially awkward introverted self hates presenting and nearly throws up because of it. Could do the project in 5 minutes but not doing it because of presenting fuck teachers honestly
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2021.12.03 01:34 pthfdr I propose a new, extra long, keyboard layout.

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2021.12.03 01:34 NikkolasKing "Snowflakes" is THE Persona 4 Song For Me
I've only played Golden, first on my PSTV and then on Steam, and I'm curious to go back and try original P4 for the PS2. I wanna see where the magic all began. But I also know I'll be missing a lot and I think one part of P4 I can't even imagine not being there tis this.
Somebody once told me Snowflakes can't be the song to represent P4 because it wasn't in the original game. But it's like...doesn't it speak toe everything that is P4's appeal, its heart and soul? It puts into words and melody just how much every one of these characters matters to us. It expresses the love we have for them and them for us, and how we will soon be parting. How that parting is both beautiful and yet painful. This one song embodies all of P4 for me. The entire soundtrack is brilliant but there's something special about this track.
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2021.12.03 01:34 askwomenthrwy Advice on making friends with girls?

19F coming out of a really big “holy shit I don’t have time to socialize I need to get my grades up” phase, noticed that while I have lots of friendships with girls, none of them are really deep to the point where I can say “yeah, we’re good friends.”
At the risk of sounding like a “not like the other girls”, I was raised around middle age/ old men in the middle of nowhere where most of the people I saw was an extremely feminine mom, my hyper masculine (not in a bad way thankfully) dad and my gamer brother, who is why I idolized video games and made them my main hobby during high school.
With the gaming community being how it is, I picked up an offensive sense of humour and primarily only played with guys because of how skewed the ratio of male : female is. I don’t actually believe in the offensive jokes I crack though and definitely draw a line, and recognize offensive jokes shouldn’t be normalized because there are lots of bigots out there who actually believe in it and also it normalizes hate. Im trying to change my sense of humour but it’s been hard and I don’t know why.
It’s still too early to say if it’s true, but I’m concerned that I only have one close female friend as opposed to lots of close guy friends and worried that there’s something wrong with me to not be able to bond with other girls.
For girls I meet outside of gaming I need to actively self-censor (not a bad thing but I get really burnt out) and I find that while I enjoy their company, they are a lot harder to read than guys although a lot more supportive and empathetic too, and less likely to belittle my dorky interests.
I’m autistic and I find I have a much easier time reading guys than girls because they usually are a lot more blunt, not to generalize but going off personal experiences. Similarly, also based off personal experiences, girls in the gaming community can be quite toxic and tear each other down but act really fake and nice which all terrify me because I can’t read people and I don’t know what’s going on.
Of course, there are even more toxic men, but at least they’re really forward about being assholes straight up unironically spouting homophobic, racist and sexist things so I know who to avoid.
In guy friend groups all our arguments are very straight forward and if we argue about something everything is good when we shake it out the next day and apologize and we truly know the air is clear. With girl friend groups there are so many little fights and people talking smack behind each others’ backs that I’m scared to take sides because I don’t like all this fighting and backstabbing and people who act like each others’ friends but hate each other in secret.
I’m too socially dumb to navigate these currents and although I never fight with anyone, I find it really stressful when my friends are fighting because taking a side means everyone will hate me because relationships shift and change too fast for me to follow. I love my girl friends but when they don’t love each other and don’t speak their minds I really don’t know what to do and thus distance myself whenever fights break out.
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2021.12.03 01:34 Justyce-Howlie I’ve been F2P saving for Venti for months now and I just recently got to 100 wishes👍 (sorry if I use wrong flair)

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2021.12.03 01:34 pyr0kid mysterious disk usage, any way to retroactively check usage?

i sleep in the same room as my computer and generally leave it on overnight, as such i tend to notice when it starts making a sound when it shouldnt.
lately i keep hearing my hard drive clicking like crazy when i havent been at my computer for awhile, but by the time i turn the monitor on or boot task manager it stops.
its not at any single time, its not windows update, its not a game update, its not a dying drive or a damaged fan (i do have a jank fan but i know what that sounds like), my os drive is an ssd so its not that either, at the moment my secondary drives have next to no programs with the exception of my games which clearly arent on anyway.
do you guys have any idea how i can retroactively check what program is using what disk? know any software that can do it?
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2021.12.03 01:34 mxdevorak recommendations??

hey there, i’m a new to coffee and tried one of their iced shaken espressos recently (the chocolate one, and i got 2% milk instead of almond). while it tasted good, i think it was too much caffeine and i had a crash later in the day. is there something that shares a similar taste but has less caffeine that i can try next time? (preferably not frappuccinos as they’re not really my taste)
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2021.12.03 01:34 Occult_Crypt-Keeper Ticci Toby is my favorite, anyone else's?

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2021.12.03 01:34 my-mom-loves-my-cum Would Zombieman be a good mother?

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2021.12.03 01:34 scrtJnny Where do I fit?

How does one figure out where they belong? Do they need to belong? I can't figure out where I can get support, it seems that I'm not able to fit in these pretty boxes that are still even today acceptable. If I were to show "me" I would not meet even the lowest standard of acceptable crossdressing. There is not even a hint of passing. It's not a fetish, it's what feels right. From an early age I felt comfort in dressing in feminine clothing. Not sure how to explain I this, I feel fine in my body but feel right (content) wearing women's clothing. I am seeing a therapist but still cannot imagine letting her know the real reason for all my discomfort. I could write forever but won't. Good luck to all the others out there living the struggle.
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2021.12.03 01:34 SkiddyBopBeep What are some strange facts you know?

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2021.12.03 01:34 alnomds Photo customers be like

Customer: "Are my photos ready yet? It's taking a while."
Me: "When did you place your order?"
Customer: "Like 10 minutes ago or something."
Me: "And what was the order for?"
Customer: "800 4x6's."
Me: "Yeah, so about that..."
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2021.12.03 01:34 ElNanoMC Meme

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2021.12.03 01:34 Glittering-Design973 So with firewall being nerfed (fixed I guess lol) anyone have any good recommendations for a MF build? It’s all this character is for. Thank you!

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2021.12.03 01:34 TheOneAndOnly117- Used Car Dealership is gone and left with expired paper license plate.

What do we do in this case??? My mom bought a used car from a dealership and were given a paper license plate like usual in the state of Texas. It expired a while ago and that dealership where we bought it from is GONE. No phone number or address. Is there anything we can even do. The only thing that comes to mind is going to the notary and just paying for one but we shouldn’t be the ones paying for the plate?….
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2021.12.03 01:34 Jokbok Clearing a clogged pipe

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2021.12.03 01:34 zestyzebra99 Why was this so hard to post lol

I rarely leave the house ever since the pandemic because I have a double whammy of chronic illness & rlly bad social anxiety. I used to be a really social person before I got sick and at times I really miss it but I just can’t deal w people anymore I feel like 🙃 I just get so anxious and overwhelmed anytime I have social interactions and then I get embarrassed and it’s a never ending cycle that I feel like I can’t win
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2021.12.03 01:34 JagDude89 One last photo before she gets put up

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2021.12.03 01:34 Z06Junkie How do you use the disrupt hack? I've acquired it but it's not letting me use it with any of my operatives.

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2021.12.03 01:34 RodionRomanovitch I have a doubt about the insanity mechanism using one of Lovecraft's story as an example.

I was reading the story "The Alchemist". A bit of context for those who haven't read the story (which you should do, it's so good and so short): the narrator is from a cursed noble family in which the descendant from a count always dies by the age of 32, like the count has. Well, the narrator is the descendant, and lives alone in the castle (after his tutor, the only other human there, died). While exploring some abandoned parts of the castle, this scene happens:

The passage proved of great length, and terminated in a massive oaken door, dripping with the moisture of the place, and stoutly resisting all my attempts to open it. Ceasing after a time my efforts in this direction, I had proceeded back some distance toward the steps, when there suddenly fell to my experience one of the most profound and maddening shocks capable of reception by the human mind. Without warning, I heard the heavy door behind me creak slowly open upon its rusted hinges. My immediate sensations are incapable of analysis. To be confronted in a place as thoroughly deserted as I had deemed the old castle with evidence of the presence of man or spirit, produced in my brain a horror of the most acute description.
Does this description fits the concept of an insanity roll? Although it is described as "one of the most profound and maddening shocks capable of reception by the human mind", it isn't something other-worldly, since it's another man. It's just a pretty fucked up situation, but still in the realm of humane possibilities.
What can you tell me about that?
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2021.12.03 01:34 AnimeGameMemer_ Bruhcraft

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2021.12.03 01:34 DrawerRevolutionary In a ideal world, we have both prey 2017 and 2012 😢

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