Searching for crawlers

2021.12.03 02:23 King_Sherly Searching for crawlers

I am just as fascinated as anyone else is about these creatures, and would love your thoughts on hunting them/how to hunt them. I've read a large amount of posts saying how you shouldn't hunt crawlers, and how quickly things can turn south if you're not careful. I understand how they may posses the ability to manipulate energy and make their prey feel a particular way (usually extremely distressed or fearful). Not saying they induce this feeling, it could just be human nature to react this way and become extremely anxious as this creature is foreign/unknown to a lot of the world. I'm also aware how there a certain "hot spots" for these encounters, as well as rules regarding what you should/shouldn't do (such as whistling at night).
I'm also aware that they can identify cameras and quickly disperse before anyone is capable of taking a picture, hence the little proof we have that they actually exist (besides stories which I'm not belittling at all, I truly believe what some people have gone through). But, what we need is proof. Hard concrete evidence to show that something of the sort is out there for those who choose not to believe it.
So, here's my pitch. What if you set up motion activated cameras throughout the forest (capturing majority of angles at which the creature could come from) as well as automated whistling sounds to attract these creatures? Or even just going out there with mates and guns, whistling and waiting for the creature to come. Surely it couldn't take on 6 well armed individuals?
As well as this, as weird and indifferent as it may sound, I want to experience the fear. I want to hear the calls from it and truly know I'm in the presence of a crawler. If my emotions overwhelm me (which may happen) then I will make a decision from there. But as it stands now my curiosity outweighs my fear.
Would love some opinions on this as I'm extremely close to going on a trip with a few friends and looking for this creature, as well as Skinwalkers and potentially Wendigos. Cheers for everything my amigos!
Take care
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2021.12.03 02:23 FrenchRedwood Quelle est la dernière application que vous ayez téléchargée mais dont vous ne vous êtes jamais servi ?

Moi, c’est Birdnet, une appli pour reconnaître les oiseaux.
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2021.12.03 02:23 Itz_Rosella so the bitlife mods are gonna ban people for constructive criticism but leave these types of posts up? (at the time of posting they are still on the sub most likely under mine or someone else’s)

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2021.12.03 02:23 greydays96 When is ultimate summer camp coming out?

Well its december 3rd now and its still not here. What time is it coming out? Things usually launch at midnight but i still cant play it
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2021.12.03 02:23 lunaxm cursed my little pony

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2021.12.03 02:23 krinalinid Questions!

I am currently a senior in high school, and recently, I’ve went to get a cleaning for the first time, and I was just thinking if I want to become a dental hygienist in the future.
My questions are what exactly do you do besides cleaning? Do you do braces, icon bonding, take out wisdom teeth, etc?
A lot of dental hygienists have said it’s physically exhausting, and can be hard on your body, but what is it that makes you exhausted?
Is schooling just 2 years to become one? Is it fast paced, and hard? (I know it’s complex, obviously)
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2021.12.03 02:23 Gullible-Panda1250 Contracts outline

anyone here had C. Mansfield for contracts? If so, can you please message me? Thank You!
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2021.12.03 02:23 NintyAyansa Update to the Roleplay Guidelines | 2021/12/03

The following has been added to Section 6 of the Roleplay Guidelines concerning the canon:

From now on, please send the content of your lore post to a moderator for approval before posting it to the subreddit. While this does create more work for us, it ensures that everything is consistent in the canon and we don't have any issues with lore.
This means that you can work in collaboration with other players to 'assume' conversations or interactions that don't actually take place between characters. If you collaborate with another player on something you would like added to the canon, please have the other player(s) verify with the moderator. In short, this guideline change allows you to more easily turn headcanon into canon, as long as you follow the proper process.
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2021.12.03 02:23 ThreeEyedRaven_3 Walkman NW-A55

Just got one but my computer will not recognize it and says they’re are no compatible drivers. What is wrong and how do I fix it?
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2021.12.03 02:23 MadeAccnt_4This It do be like that

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2021.12.03 02:23 melqassas You don't have access to the org in Teams. Select another org, or contact your admin

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2021.12.03 02:23 feezidoesit Didi Options

What happens to my long term otm Didi options when it gets delisted? I’ve heard there is a possibility of a cash settlement at the IPO price but my options would still be worthless at that price. Any ideas?
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2021.12.03 02:23 tiny_clouds I accidentally said something I shouldn't have and now she's acting like normal

I accidentally said something really triggering to a dear friend of mine because I was really groggy from pain from a surgery and she got angry at me. I sent her a lot of apologies and explained that I never meant to hurt her, I'm just an idiot who doesn't think about my words. She didn't respond for a day or so, but she just texted me asking how my performance in my orchestra went, which is so casual it's jarring. I answered that it went fine but I don't know what to say from here. I don't know if she's still angry at me but I don't know what to do more than just apologize and swear I'll never do it again. Or I don't know if she's forgiven me, I don't know what to say cause I might ruin everything
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2021.12.03 02:23 im_a_florist First v8 in a while have been driving 4 bangers for a long time, has been a blast so far though

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2021.12.03 02:23 charismapher CartoonNetwork 2077 - Jackie, Vic & Kirk - I don't draw nearly as much as I should. But if you'd like to see another batch, give me a follow. Lets be chooms.

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2021.12.03 02:23 Familiar-Pie5607 Who will win

View Poll
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2021.12.03 02:23 cyclemantis What type is she?

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2021.12.03 02:23 lampshade-mango Do you keep your BAT as BAT, or convert it to something else? If you convert it, what's your go to?

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2021.12.03 02:23 NEMESIS_DRAGON Map concept: silver city

Description: an urban industrial region, full of factories. Defending these factories is vital
It’s mostly urban, with about 17 urban zones, 7 rural zones, and 3 remote zones.
Factories will be present in 4-6 zones (they have a higher chance of spawning in urban zones, but at least 1 will spawn in a rural zone. Factories will not spawn in remote zones). Stabilizing these zones will help you roll out initiatives faster overall and increase your support level. If insurgents take these zones, their capability will increase slightly more than that of an oil Derrick
Since it is mostly urban, it is best to get urban outreach early on. I would also recommend development director to quickly gain control of the factories
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2021.12.03 02:23 davis30b Looking for dentist recommendations

In need of dental work and looking for a dentist recommendation from North Seattle area to shoreline.
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2021.12.03 02:23 asteltainn [For Hire] Digital arts: OCs, fanarts, chibi, animals, DnD, ecchi

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2021.12.03 02:23 gunner-alpha13 Teen discord

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2021.12.03 02:23 JoshByer Sometimes I make VHS boxes of movies I wish would be made

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2021.12.03 02:23 stephgiselle ACOTAR Hangover

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2021.12.03 02:23 BertimusPrime My first royal icing attempt just in time for the Festival of Lights!

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