asnt6 6bzbf 8y77y 3888t d3dzd ied3f t428h s5id6 tann8 8d77a ra4t2 6669t ath3r tff5i akkr3 in6eh 6ziyd 8r84n r583t kf3ta 9ykk9 Leave my home system alone! |

Leave my home system alone!

2021.10.28 02:30 DarthPofZA Leave my home system alone!

Leave my home system alone! When you really want to make sure no one takes your home system from you.
My home system
In our game yesterday to 10VP, I was Arborec on 6VP when the first Stage 2 Objective was revealed.
I managed to get Imperial for the next round.
The 2 point objective was to control 5 spaces on the board without planets. I quickly played Imperial to cash in on it, and then withdrew into my home system next action. I had a secret objective to have 4 tech of the same color, which I met, and there was a 1 point objective I hadn't yet scored to have 5 ships in a sector. All I had to do was survive until the end of the round with my home system in tact and with 5 ships alive.
I then retreated into my home system. You can't see it in the picture clearly, but this is what was defending my home system with my 9 Fleet Limit:
1 Flagship, 2 War Suns, 5 Dreadnaughts, 1 Destroyer, 4 Mechs, 20 Fighters, 2 PDS, about 20 Infantry (never actually checked Infantry amount as didn't need to worry about capacity for them).
Because Creuss was in the game, and some action cards that allow skips, I decided to rather than have several systems lightly defended, and just brought back all my ships so that I could withstand any Home System intake.
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2021.10.28 02:30 JThomas0208 Selling A Level 2020 + 2019 OCR A & OCR B Physics / 2020 + 2019 OCR A Chemistry / 2020 + 2019 OCR A AS Chemistry / 2020 + 2019 OCR A Biology / 2020 + 2019 OCR A AS Biology/ Edexcel Maths 2020 / Edexcel Chemistry 2020 + 2019 / AQA Papers all with ms for £3 per paper + mark scheme DM if interested

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2021.10.28 02:30 TraditionalGoal422 🐕DogeBASE Launched 5 Minutes | Next x100 gem | first Audit done💎 | Flokis last wish 💭| huge marketing 📈| FairLaunch 💰

Welcome to DogeBASE
The last wish from DogeBASE
We have set ourselves the goal of making DogeBASE last wish come true,
be part of our journey and let’s make DogeBASE one of the most
successful coins in token history together.
We are a team consisting of 3 motivated people, we will do everything
we can to to have a nice trip.
What exactly to expect from us can be found on the roadmap on our website.
⭐️ Tokenomics:
💰 5 % BUSD Rewards
📺 6 % Marketing
📈 1 % LQ
📉 2 % Extra sell
🔥 30 % Burned
Buy 7% 🤑
Sell 7% 😡
Our Team is experienced and aims to make DogeBASE to the best
dividend Token!
All holders of DogeBASE tokens automatically receive $BUSD tokens
airdropped into their wallets every hour
We plan a Huge marketing, which includes
➡️ ads on Poocoin
➡️ ads on Coinsniper
➡️ popular crypto influencer
➡️ listings
➡️ CG
➡️ CMC
➡️Contract: 0x0407F81DAa1dE3D6Fe6036514F57979EC9B8989A
➡️ Pancakeswap:
➡️ Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.28 02:30 FanningFucker Hard work for the buttons

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2021.10.28 02:30 shyviolet__ these kids are out of control

i’ve been babysitting two younger children (4M and 2M) of a family friend for about a year now and the oldest child is extremely difficult. He’s always talking about how he wants to kill his younger sibling, he hits him often, throws tantrums whenever i ask him simple questions and just flat out does not listen to me. the parents are seemingly in denial about their child’s bad behavior because any time i bring it up they laugh it off or “discipline” him in the most gentle, useless way possible because he just goes right back to doing whatever he was doing right after. The parents clearly favor the younger brother—in their eyes he can do no wrong. Although he is very fresh himself, they mistake him being bad for him doing something good which is really irritating to see. Last week the oldest hit me and knocked my earring out, i told the mother and she said “that’s not nice, we don’t hit okay baby?” and didn’t even acknowledge the fact that he hurt me, didn’t apologize or make him apologize (i had a bad headache afterward). everything this family does it’s just completely opposite of what i’ve grown up with. the husband does nothing around the house and it’s constantly filthy, the kids aren’t allowed to watch television, they don’t spank their kids which is fine in some cases but this kid really needs an ass whooping to be completely honest. at one point, the mother told me that her and her husband joke about how the youngest will be inviting them to his medical school graduation while they’re still “raising” this “child” referring to the oldest. so there’s clear favoritism going on and it’s really upsetting me being around them and babysitting their kids when the kids mistreat me and i can’t do anything about it and the parents also do nothing about it. the kids have absolutely no respect for authority and it’s frustrating because i feel like i cant quit because my parents have been friends with these people for 20+ years. what am i supposed to do here? has anyone dealt with a similar issue?
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2021.10.28 02:30 Neyreomusic Ney Reo - Wired To The Sun (lofi instrumental hiphop)

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2021.10.28 02:30 imadogg $JPEX is finally pink current. Currently under $0.04 and merger to be named soon

About damn time. One of Frank/Alpharidge/Opportunity Zones' tickers that was stuck in limited info/yield for the longest time as we all waited patiently. And even without being current, it has been hovering around the 4 cent range.
Some of Frank's tickers:
JPEX twitter's update last month (thread):
They have been waiting for current status to announce merger, which will be Veemost
Nothing is a sure thing, but here's to things going well, and causing a snowball effect into Frank's other tickers as they go through the merger process. ILST and OCLG should be next up.
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2021.10.28 02:30 azvkp 2 Bedroom | 3 Bath | 1314 SqFt. | East Mesa | 2br/2.5ba Townhome w/ Lakeview - Available December | Picture coming home to 5 sparkling lakes spread across 35 acres, providing the perfect tranquil setting for your new apartment home and Southwest lifestyle • Stunning Lake Views • Washer/Drye...

2 Bedroom | 3 Bath | 1314 SqFt. | East Mesa | 2b2.5ba Townhome w/ Lakeview - Available December | Picture coming home to 5 sparkling lakes spread across 35 acres, providing the perfect tranquil setting for your new apartment home and Southwest lifestyle • Stunning Lake Views • WasheDrye... submitted by azvkp to azapartments [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 02:30 Matt1726 Penalty Save from Henderson vs Neymar

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2021.10.28 02:30 AuretiousTaak 2nd ed Official GW 40k-Scale Exocrine, Haruspex, Malefactor and Dactylis

Ok, I wanted to bring attention to the old Armorcast and Mike Biasis Studios 40k scale epic Tyranid sculpts for 2nd edition 40k, back in the 1990's when GW didn't have the set up to make such large scale models and instead independently licensed to external companies.
The best way is to post up this criminally under-read article on the modern synthesist blog, which includes a history of the models and detailed pictures and explanations as well as size comparison shoits between them and modern era models for scale. At the end is a picture of the unreleased (or severely limited release) Trygon which I've never come across in my 11 years of oldhammer tyranid collecting* and that most magnificent of all large scale 40k Tyranids - the Dominatrix, which was shown ona back cover of a White Dwarf and was carved from a solid chunk of wood.
In any case, this article is amazing reading and well worth having a look, especially if you were interested in GW produced alternatives to both the Haruspex and Exocrine models.
Have a grand day everyone.
*For reference, because grandiose statements of collecting oldhammer Tyranids for 11 years in most cases equate to a couple of broods of models and 1 or 2 of each monstrous creature, but that's not me, I've actually been collecting a swarm, don't ask why it got so out of control, most of it is in trupperware container storage (can't beat old school storage with tissue papebubble wrap and tupper ware containers, you can boot those down several flights of stairs and nothing breaks so long as you do it right - show me a mini's case these days for a similar price that can do this!) so pics right now, aren't really going to happen, but I'm getting the huger to rip into these soon enmass, and my brothers' Exodie Eldar project is finally ramping up also so yeah... So for reference, I own an actual protonid, not the fan sculpt, am sitting at 228 hunter slayer termagants and around 200 2nd ed metal and plastic termagants to boot, own 5 dominators, 27 mounted genestealer hybrids including 2 mounted maguses, 72 metal purestrains over 300 plastics {I stopped counting, kept gettinge xtras in army lots I'd pick up through the years, lol}, 100 odd warriors including 9 of the metal rogue trader era warriors which are the actual first metal tyranid warriors unlike the 2nd ed ones the vast majority of people think are the first metal warriors, 154 2nd ed hormagaunts (the best caltrops ever invented by GW even more potent then 4th and 5th ed WHFB plastic goblin spearmen spears), 60 odd gargoyles, 15 zoats...the list goes on quite a bit more...27 Screamer Killer Carnifexes (not bullshitting, who doesn't want a proper spear head of those huggable little bastards!). Most is in need of serious hobby time which for the past several years even during lockdown (ahhh essential services animal husbandry) has not been an option. Biding my horde is a literal hoard hehe.
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2021.10.28 02:30 Awesometwosme Chainsaw man

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2021.10.28 02:30 bombersquirrel Any idea how good Sorel boots are?

I have some slippers from them which are fantastic, but I am in need of some new winter boots that are available in size 15 (Canadian) and will keep my toes warm up to -30 degrees.
If Sorel is not a good choice, could anyone recommend a decent pair up to 300$ that will ship to Quebec?
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2021.10.28 02:30 lethal_sng I got 2 triplets and 1 twin in one day of ark the island how rare is that? (This is my first time breading btw and I got 1 mutation how rare is that?)

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2021.10.28 02:30 erer1243 Currently, it's October 28, 2021 at 01:30AM

Currently, it's October 28, 2021 at 01:30AM
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2021.10.28 02:30 Planet419 My first vacation with crohns is happening

Hey guys it’s been rough but with your encouragement and all the information shared here I feel like I’m starting to accept this new normal. I just had my last loading dose of entyvio four days ago and I’m just hanging in there hoping it helps.
Not sure if this is a thing but after my infusions it seems like my symptoms get worse for a period like right after???
I don’t know how some of you guys are so stinking strong but I love it and it’s helped me and my family mentally.
Just wanted to say something while I’m awake from bathroom breaks and everyone is sleeping
Emotional day I’ll be happier with some weed when I arrive
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2021.10.28 02:30 ZLudecke [Help] Unc0ver won’t jailbreak (log inside)
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2021.10.28 02:30 MaxHC38 38 [M4F] Los Angeles, CA - Daddy 4 Girl - Age Gap Voice Chat

Hi! Looking for a sweet young 18+ girl who likes to talk about huge age gap relationships on vice chat. I'm 38 Fit Anglo. Very dominant and love submissive girly types. Looking for a voice chat relationship because text is super boring. I love girls voices... kind of a fetish i guess. msg me with your wickr
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2021.10.28 02:30 lunearxk2 A quick draw of nostalgia

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2021.10.28 02:29 EstablishmentThin977 Noah was BI (not gay) coded, excluding the Ridonkulous Race

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2021.10.28 02:29 NotAnElephantMinion When you say you're gonna change the world but you're also deaf

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2021.10.28 02:29 Magicyte The ULTIMATE $PALI DD COMPENDIUM. Maxim just announced PALI conference call Nov 4th PT $7. Picture proof. Data proof. This DD is getting bigger every day PALI'S. DD in comments

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2021.10.28 02:29 Throwaway33388990 I don’t know how to help my fiancée and I think she’s mad at me

Ok my fiancée and I have been together for 3 years and engaged for about 6 or 7 months. Now three days ago, she broke a plate in the kitchen and I ran in and asked her what happened and she had this sort of feared look in her eyes. When I looked down and saw the plate I went to the garage got a broom and cleaned it up. She then asked me if I was going to hit her because she broke the plate and I asked why would I do that and she started crying. When I tried to comfort her, I tried to hug her, she flinched and she ran upstairs and closed and locked the door and didn’t let me in. Since we haven’t really talked about it all. She hasn’t really said anything to me and when she has it’s been passing comments like “Hello or How are you doing or have you been eating”. I left work and told her that I was told her I loved her and if she wanted to take for her to just call me.
I’m writing this at work cause I need help. Did I do something wrong? Is she mad at me? How do I help her?
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2021.10.28 02:29 ohbuggy Not sure what’s going on but when I save my website it looks like this. If you see the editor it looks completely diff. I’m using elementor. This has never happened to me.

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2021.10.28 02:29 tjroberts23 Special guests prediction?

Anyone got any predictions or guesses on who the special guests could possibly be for tomorrow? I’d imagine he will have someone open the set like he has in the past with R.L. Stine, Guy Fieri and T-pain.
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2021.10.28 02:29 moe3 What's something you've found you never knew you would?

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