Which D should I start this week? Week 8

2021.10.28 01:34 Rand-Shaw-22 Which D should I start this week? Week 8

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2021.10.28 01:34 GoofBoy The Four Seasons - Cobble Hill (2000 pcs)

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2021.10.28 01:34 Pelotero91 Midweek #33 - New York Red Bulls at DC United

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2021.10.28 01:34 dingo_bat Intel Thread Director seems very interesting

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2021.10.28 01:34 lupindeathray The Isley Brothers - Voyage To Atlantis

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2021.10.28 01:34 OriginalNodeOwner If youre on right now, heres a buy..

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2021.10.28 01:34 WrecKedByPotaTo Galaxy buds 2 hinge going out?

I've had the buds2 since a little after launch and now the hinge makes a squeaking noise when I open and close the case. Is this happened to anyone else? I also had the buds+ for even longer and never had this happen.
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2021.10.28 01:34 cecr2507 I got this add on my Instagram WTF

I got this add on my Instagram WTF
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2021.10.28 01:33 MincecraftPlaya Found This While Digging up gta5 folders

Found This While Digging up gta5 folders
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2021.10.28 01:33 asmith6985 A weekend in Wisconsin

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2021.10.28 01:33 JavaleONeal Disk-Oh?

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2021.10.28 01:33 71628292917 14 day old plant, what am I doing wrong?

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2021.10.28 01:33 salty_spree Name 10 body parts that only have 3 letters

I got this as a fun question from the security guard at the hospital I'm now working at on my first day when getting my badge. Of course my brain was literally not working because hey it's the first day and there's a crap ton of stuff to do so I said I'd have to get back to him. More points for the more obscure answers!
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2021.10.28 01:33 BillyShrek Doge is disappointing today

that is all
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2021.10.28 01:33 piy-piy I am eating pizza

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2021.10.28 01:33 tex71378 [WTS] 18k Gold rope chain and 2014 1oz gold libertad

2014 1oz libertad, $2100 shipped
18k gold rope chain, 26in, 24.42g, melt value is $1056 im selling for $1150 that's less than $100 over melt value and it's a 18k chain, I think thats a good deal
Paypal ff or Venmo, NO TRADES, usps priority shipping included.
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2021.10.28 01:33 anonymous5170893 Finally made the mistake I swore I would never make :)

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2021.10.28 01:33 MediocreDVaMain PJ Tucker on this Heat team: "I can be on KD then Bam will switch and I'm like cool, then Jimmy will switch and I'm like cool, then Kyle will switch and I'm like cool." "We can yell at each other then go out there and play and be good."

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2021.10.28 01:33 --bye- Accounting student looking for a laptop

Hey everyone! I’m an accounting student looking to purchase a new laptop. The one I currently have is 7+ years old and pretty heavy so I think it’s time for an upgrade. I will not be using it for gaming, coding, etc. I answered the below questions, let me know if I should answer anything else. Thanks in advance!
Total budget and country of purchase: $400-700 Canada (ideally under $600)
Do you prefer a 2 in 1 form factor, good battery life or best specifications for the money? Pick or include any that apply. 2 in 1 would be nice but not a necessity. I would say best specs for my money. My biggest priority is speed and long battery life
How important is weight and thinness to you? Pretty important! I’ll be commuting to school so ideally something lighter.
Which OS do you require? Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Linux. Windows
Do you have a preferred screen size? If indifferent, put N/A. N/A
Are you doing any CAD/video editing/photo editing/gaming? List which programs/games you desire to run. No gaming. Mainly schoolwork which includes some accounting software (quickbooks, SAGE, AccPlus), internet browsing and minor entertainment like Netflix and Spotify
If you're gaming, do you have certain games you want to play? At what settings and FPS do you want? N/A
Any specific requirements such as good keyboard, reliable build quality, touch-screen, finger-print reader, optical drive or good input devices (keyboard/touchpad)? Just space for USB Flash Memory Storage
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2021.10.28 01:33 Kryptin 5 Sharia laws & Hadith Retarding Human Progress

6. First cousin marriages Legal:
Qur'an 4:23
This verse specifies the categories of female relatives PROHIBITED for married to Muslim men. There is NO MENTION of direct or first cousins. First cousins are blood relatives.
Qur'an 33:50
The prophet is permitted to marry female cousins in this verse.
Muhammad reportedly married off his daughter Fatimah, to her cousin Ali. Muhammad is reported to have married his cousin, Zainab bint Jash. Numerous companions of Muhammad are reported to have married their first cousins. All these have been reported by hadith collectors.
So, putting all these together, sharia scholars conclude that marriage to first cousins is not only permissible, but recommendable.
How Cousin marriage detract from scientific growth
Cousin marriages prevent the diversification of family genes. It increases the chance of newborns inheriting homozygous recessive genetic diseases like albinism, thalassemia, cystic fibrosis etc whose allele may be shared among close family relatives.

7. Corpses Should BE Buried QUICKLY

Sahih al-Bukhari » Book of Funerals
The Prophet (ﷺ) said, "Hurry up with the dead body for if it was righteous, you are forwarding it to welfare; and if it was otherwise, then you are putting off an evil thing down your necks."
According to sharia law, if people die, they should be buried without wasting time. So that the deceased can proceed with the reward of afterlife if they lived a noble life, and so that the community would be freed from the curse of the deceased if they lived a sinful life.
There are also other ahadith that forbid tampering with human corpses.
How Quick or Immediate Burial of Corpse Can Retards Scientific Growth
Our modern understanding of human anatomy and physiology heavily owe to cadaver(corpse) studies. Medical schools still rely upon cadaver dissection to educate students - potential health care providers - on how the human body is structured and functions.
If all of humanity immediately buried their corpses, how far could we have come on human anatomy and physiology? We'd most likely still rely on the ancient & antiquated teachings of Aristotle or Galen, and so many illnesses would not be understood to develop their cures.
Another thing, burial delay is necessity for postmortem examination which can help in determining cause of death, useful for solving crimes or unraveling the pathology behind deadly diseases.
The idea of postmortem exams and autopsy would never even be conceived in a society that strongly insist on immediate burial of corpses.

8. Curse & Put out Effeminate men and Emasculate women from your houses
Sunan Abu Dawud>>Book of General Behavior:
The Prophet (May peace be upon him) cursed men that immitated women (mukhannathan) and women who imitated men, saying: Put them out of your houses, and put so-and-so out.
In a similar vein, there are other sharia teachings condemning homosexuals.
How cursing & kicking out effeminate men and emasculate women detract from Scientific growth
Men may not be to blame for behaving like women. It could be due to their genetic. If we all harbored curses and kicked them out, we'd never understand the hormonal or genetic root of sexual behaviors to realize why some males may act too feminine and some females act too masculine.
Feminine behavior in males and masculine behavior in females may be inborn. There are all kinds of sexual behaviors in humans that are natural while yet neither straight nor cisgender - Homosexuals, Asexual, Aromantic, Intersexuals etc. Straight cisgender behavior is not a constant, and there are natural deviations.

9. Circumcision mandatory or recommended
Sunan an-Nasa'i » The Book of Adornment:
"Five things are of the Fitrah(Physical & Spiritual purity): Clipping the nails, trimming the mustache, plucking the armpit hairs, shaving the pubes, and circumcision."
Musnad Ibn Hanbal 5:75
Abu al- Malih ibn `Usama's father relates that the Prophet said: "Circumcision is a law for men and a preservation of honour for women."
How Circumcision detract from Scientific growth
Circumcision is potentially dangerous. It can cause permanent injuries to nerves, decreasing sensitivity. There is the risk of infection, especially in the days before antiseptics. And all kinds of psychological traumas may follow, if done at an older age.
Male circumcision may have served hygiene purposes in the past, but not anymore. Proper hygiene is easy nowadays even with a foreskin. And female circumcision basically have no purpose, except of course to tame female libido supposedly to prevent promiscuity among women & preserve their honor.

10. Do not Leave or Enter an area with Disease Outbreak/Epidemic
Sahih al-Bukhari » Book of Medicine
The Prophet (ﷺ) said, "If you hear of an outbreak of plague(epidemic) in a land, do not enter it; but if the plague breaks out in a place while you are in it, do not leave that place."
How Not Leaving or Not Entering areas with Disease Outbreak retards scientific growth
If there is a disease outbreak in a place. It is safer and better to LEAVE if you've been CONFIRMED negative to the known pathogen. Because if the disease is spread by contaminated food or airborne droplets, remaining in the area will predispose you to the disease.
Also, medical experts may need to ENTER areas with disease outbreak to run tests necessary to identify pathogens, understand the disease and develop cures. Especially if this is a rare outbreak, like Ebola.

Thanks for reading. If you're interested in reading Part 1 of this article, click on this link - https://www.reddit.com/Quraniyoon/comments/mevtbw/5_sharia_laws_hadith_retarding_human_progress/
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2021.10.28 01:33 bribed_officer Relatable (Daily Helltaker Memes Day 10)

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2021.10.28 01:33 Ok-Requirement-270 Babe.

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2021.10.28 01:33 Corbin_Dallas550 Fall colors here in Michigan

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2021.10.28 01:33 liquidmonkey75 [SHOW SPOILERS] 3rd Times a Charm!

I've watched Ep01 - 04 three times now and ep05 and 06 twice and have noticed a few things. Mostly though is how roboNanny seems to be subtly pulling the strings. She really took to heart Seldon's trial speech about stagnation and I'm sure she altered the latest Cleon clone as he is definitely 'different'. Then I'm sure she is responsible for the sky bridge bombings as a revenge against the humans who destroyed her kind. The proof there is that she led the siege on that genetic moon facility where no one survived. And after all these years, they have no proof of who did it. And she also knew Cleon would choose planet genocide as 'they always choose this'. Then there's the whole bowing down to the Luminous gods, where she basically is saying yup, ur cloning is done for as Clemons don't have souls.
So on one hand I'd say she is out for AI revenge, but is also trying to change the Clemons so they aren't 'the same grape from the same vine destined for the same wine bottle'.
Have i missed any other clues?
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2021.10.28 01:33 danw547 But, its illegal!

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