There's a new indie horror movie being released today that was directed by an autistic director and stars several autistic actors, including the main character who will be autistic in the movie:

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2021.10.28 02:12 matchettehdl There's a new indie horror movie being released today that was directed by an autistic director and stars several autistic actors, including the main character who will be autistic in the movie:

There's a new indie horror movie being released today that was directed by an autistic director and stars several autistic actors, including the main character who will be autistic in the movie: submitted by matchettehdl to aspiepositivity [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 02:12 amy2210 How to overcome anxiety

Long short story, i have immigrated to another country for 7 years and I’m applying for green card. However, with high competition and so on, I feel so stressful and anxiety due to be failed few times before. I have been trying to meditation, visualisation. So my question is if we want to manifest something we cant control, what is best approach that we are not devastated in that? Thanks so much
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2021.10.28 02:12 -Downpour WYR live in an ugly city but low cost of living OR beautiful city with high cost of living?

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Please add me I have a quest to complete I’m lonely and need you
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2021.10.28 02:12 TMoneey Calculator recommendation

Hi everyone! Does anyone have a good recommendation for where I can find a cheap class-set of five-function calculators? The kind where you can not see the entire expression at a time while you type it in, just one number at a time and you can not see the operation symbols. I hope that makes sense. Thank you!
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And so do you so update and I'll upvote you ;]
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2021.10.28 02:12 PresidentWerewolf Black Panther #26: Wakanda Forever, Conclusion

Black Panther
Volume 2: The Seventh Generation
Issue #26: Wakanda Forever: Conclusion
Previous Issue

The bulkhead that dropped to seal the surgical and recovery suite from the rest of the palace’s medical wing was a ten-centimeter thick slab of titanium with an osmium core. Interlaced with a vibranium lattice, it was impervious to conventional scanning beams, as well as baryon-tunneling and anything below a q-hertz frequency. The children who hid behind it had nowhere to go. The adults who had been with them had died on the other side of it, defending the young ones from the crazed invaders, who were composed of foreign troops and their own Wakandan compatriots who had been corrupted by the voice of Klaw.
Those same invaders were now focusing powerful Wakandan lasers at a point, and the door was glowing a dangerous red. The edges were beginning to buckle and waver as the melting point of even the Vibranium neared. One of the top corners bent in, and hot air began to rush in through the gap. Once there was open space, the attackers went for it, throwing everything they had. Some of the foreign troops had directional charges, and they placed them quickly, their arms moving with frenzied speed. In their minds, Klaw shouted at them to break through that door.
The explosion went off, tearing several of them to pieces and filling the room with dark, choking smoke, driving them off for a moment, but when they came back, the door was clear. Roaring a cry of victory, they charged through the door, hand weapons raised for the slaughter.
A red beam pierced the air, darting through the chest of one man and then slicing downward in an arc. The man fell, blood gushing from his open body, and two more hit the ground as parts off the their legs vanished. The crowd of them stopped, peering through the smoke at the new, sudden danger.
“Close your eyes, kids,” said a weak, raspy voice. Through the smoke and dust, an image of the children faded into view, the children huddled around a long hospital bed. Agent Everett Ross lay in the bed, his skin ashen, his eyes bloodshot and bruised around the orbitals. He held a surgical laser in both of his shaking hands. They had been turned up to their maximum width and intensity.
He looked down the sharp, narrow barrels of his weapons at the invaders. “You want these kids, you’re going to have to go through me.


W’Kabi was pressed against the wall, two rows of Wakandan soldiers, a handful Dora Milaje, and himself the only thing standing between the overwhelming numbers of the invaders and the chambers of the Taiga Ngao. They had plugged the hall with an arc-shaped formation, but the attackers were enraged, unstoppable, and seemed to hold superhuman strength. On top of that, no one was eager to fight and kill their fellow Wakandans. The defenders had been inching back, the path before them choked with enemies, and the path behind them desperately short.
Another Dora fell up front, her body dragged into the crowd as the insane attackers hacked at it. She stabbed upward with her spear as she went, fighting to the death, letting out not a single sound. W’Kabi wondered if he would be so quiet when the time came.
Laser fire and bullets flew wild over the head of the fighters, and rocky chunks of ceiling fell down among the fighting, some of them large enough to be a danger. W’Kabi stabbed out and narrowly dodged a blade that came back in return. He was already bleeding from innumerable cuts on his arms, shoulders, and legs; his soldiers had forced him to the back of the pack to keep him from being diced up on his feet.
They all took another step back. W’kabi spared a glance behind him, and he was alarmed at how close the door was now.
“General!” shouted one of his men from the front. “We won’t hold them! You must aid the Council!” Which was what W’Kabi had just been thinking about. But he didn’t think he could.
He shook his head and shouted back, “Trust in T’Challa!”
Down the hall, among the ranks of the attackers, people began flying through the air. Men and women were tossed aside in flying arcs, and straight up so that they bounced off the ceiling. Through the haze of battle, W’Kabi couldn’t see what was going on, but whatever it was, it was cutting a path directly toward them.
“Bast cut me!” one of the men exclaimed, and then he saw it.
M’Baku was barreling down the hall knocking attackers out of the way, grabbing some and tossing them or sweeping them away with his massive arms. On his shoulder sat Okoye, yanking on his ear and whipping his backside with her spear.
“To the Council!” she screamed at his face. “Move! Move you lazy ape!” and she whipped him again with a savage smack. When she was almost to them, she yanked M’Baku’s head, and he turned sharply and ran headfirst into the wall. He hit so hard that the floor shook, and he flopped down on his back, out cold. Okoye leaped down before he crushed her, and she faced down the remnants of the attackers. Well over half of them had been taken down or at least knocked aside, and she raised her spear as W’Kabi’s men roared a battle cry behind her.
Wakanda Phakade!” she screamed, and she leapt into the midst of the injured, scattered, confused invaders before her.


T’Challa slammed an enemy soldier up against the wall so hard that it cracked in spidery trails around his backside. His feet began to twitch limply.
Where is Alpheus Klaw?” the Black Panther growled into the man’s face.
The soldier squeezed his eyes shut, for he did not see the face of a man before him, but the snarling, blood-flecked muzzle of a panther. Still, he did hear the words.
“The--he’s...he led the charge,” the man sobbed. T’Challa threw him away and he landed awkwardly, the new bend in his spine clearly visible.
The Black Panther ran for the front of the palace, swiping rows of soldiers, sending spurting gouts of blood to the ceilings. He leapt over the heads of a crowd, skinning their scalps with a long draw of his claws as he made for their leader.
And then he found him. Alpheus was cackling, wheezing insanely as he fired a huge laser cannon up, down, every direction in blinding blurst of purplish light.
“KLAW!” T’Challa roared, and they locked eyes.
Alpheus grinned slowly, turning on his heels to face the King of Wakanda. He bowed clumsily, rocking on the balls of his feet as he balanced the weight of his weapons in his arms. “I was just about to leave,” he said, his voice high and grating. It sounded like more than once voice was trying to wrest control of his throat. “And then I had an idea.”
He fired right at T’Challa, who flattened himself to the floor. Alpheus followed his arc and nearly caught him anyway. A bundle of men just behind T’Challa exploded into fiery bits.
T’Challa leapt straight up and latched onto the ceiling, moving again just as another laser blast came for him. He tucked and spun in midair, landing among some of the soldiers, most of whom were still fighting, and he swiped at them viciously, taking pieces of their arms and chests, before darting towards Alpheus.
Another laser blast, but this time T’Challa saw it in the man’s eyes. He threw himself to the side, balancing on his toes as the beam singed the air next to him, and then he surged forward. Alpheus pulled the trigger at the same time T’Challa caught the main power conduit with a claw. There was a crackle of electricity that threw the entire chamber into light and shadow.
Alpheus somehow threw the weapon away before it exploded in his hands, and he ducked before T’Challa’s claws found his neck.
“Not so fast!” he shrieked. He skittered backwards on legs that were moving much too quickly, but T’Challa followed. Alpheus turned and ran down the halls, all the way to the front entrance of the palace, where the fighting was still loud and strong. He stopped for just a second, looking for a clear way out. That was when T’Challa caught him.
He barreled into the young Klaw with his full weight, elbows forward, in a move that should have cracked his spine. The two of them tumbled to the ground instead, breaking through the crowd and rolling outside into the courtyard. Hot sunlight beamed down on them, and smoke from a thousand battles, sizzling from a thousand hot weapons, filled the air.
Alpheus grinned through bloody teeth. “Do you hear it?” he asked.
T’Challa had been holding out against the voice for hours, now. Of course he heard it.
“He’s awake. Ulysses returns. My great...great…” Alpheus began to glow pink, the same color as the wretched beast that had ransacked Wakanda twice and killed one of its great Kings. “...great...great…” he surged with power.
T’Challa struck, but Alpheus caught his fist in the palm of his hand. He threw T’Challa to the side, and he landed roughly in the grass. He looked up just in time to dodge the shattering beam of sonic energy that Klaw fired after him. He rolled away, but the impact nearly liquified the ground around him, sending him tumbling head over heels.
Klaw laughed. “He’s finally awake. Once again! Once again! It is the end of Wakanda!”


Shuri tore herself away from the grip of the living, skeletal body of Ulysses Klaw. His bones were as hard as steel, his pointed fingers sharp as knives. He had the strength of a demon. As she pulled away, tiny strips of her flesh, held by the grasping fingers, peeled away from her arm, and she screamed in desperate pain. The skeleton left her no time, but advanced on, swinging and grabbing at her body.
Powered by the heart-shaped herb, Shuri could barely hold her own against this monster. It had swiped away her bag and her tools, tore holes in her uniform, nearly broken her arms and her neck. If he grabbed her again, she wasn’t sure she had the strength to get away. She ducked and scurried away, feeling the tips of his fingers scratch at her back, and she went for her bag. The flares had been scattered when he first attacked her, but they were still there. Something had to work. Surely he would still burn.
She dove for the bag and rolled with it, thrusting her hands inside. Klaw kicked her in the ribs, and she cried out a gasp as the impact lifted her into the air and slammed her into the wall of the cavern. The bag spun away, lost in the dark.
Klaw grabbed her by the collar and lifted her up. His other hand went around her neck, and he squeezed, just enough to make her sputter. He slammed her against the wall, and her vision blurred, air wooshed out of her lungs, and she couldn’t pull enough back in. The thing holding her began to laugh. It was a deep voice, an evil sound that came from all around them.
Shuri took the flare in her hand, the only one she had grabbed from the bag, and pulled the end. The tip sparked into a geyser of bright red sparks and fire.
“Die!” she hissed, and she stabbed it up, through the throat and into the open at the bottom of the skull.
The skull’s eyes lit red, but nothing else happened. She pushed up harder, hoping to catch some part of the bone. The heat of it felt like it would melt her hand. Klaw squeezed harder.
“No! Die!” Shuri rasped, but no sound even came out. The cavern darkened.
Enough, said a firm, stern voice at her side. Shuri recognized it at once. The form of Bast, dark and bright at the same time, shimmering in the light of the flare, cuffed Klaw’s body, and he flew out into the dark corner of the cavern.
You cheated, said Bast, growling with cold fury. You bring power from the shrouded lands to fight those who live in the light. Cheater! Cretin! she hissed.
Klaw came ambling out into the light, but he stopped a good distance away, waiting eagerly. “Save them, then,” he said, in a voice that sounded like icy water running over stones. “Protect your witless children.”
Bast growled. You, you rabid beast. Murderer. Pillager. You old, dead thing. Be buried. Let the power of the Shrouded Lands be used against you as well. You wish to wield a weapon beyond mortals? Then, defend yourself.
Shuri, who had stood gasping now, doing all she could just to stay on her feet, watched as the flare in her hands began to glow more brightly. The shower of sparks fountained higher, the heat radiated into a bulb of power. Still, her hands did not burn.
She felt something, a touch on her fingers. Something--someone helped her hold the flare. There was a hand at her back, supporting her. In the dark, the sliver she could see around the blazing aura of the light of the flare, she could see that someone was there.
Wakanda they said together.
Forever they said together.
Six of them, and then Shuri saw who they were. Six kings, six generations. She saw the face of her grandfather, and he smiled at her in the kindly way he always had. Six hands touched hers, six souls added to the fire she held. Next to her, Wekeesa the Wise Cuckoo smiled slightly, ruefully.
“Let us end this,” he said. “Let my greatest sin finally be expelled.”


The wall behind T’Challa exploded with devastating force, throwing him clean off his feet. He landed in the dirt, coughing. The pain in his flank felt like a handful of broken ribs, but he couldn’t stop. Alpheus was still there, coming.
“Locked away in your little bubble,” Alpheus said, though he sounded like someone else now, much more like the voice T’Challa had been fighting in his mind. “You Wakandans, a bunch of children who came across a fine toy and decided no one else should play with it.”
He came running through the dust cloud at T’Challa, and he caught him with a kick to the shoulder, sending T’Challa down before he ever got up. Energy crackled in the air.
“It’s too dangerous for your kind,” Alpheus said in a mocking voice. “You found a weapon. It’s not a toy.” There was a blast of energy that T’Challa just barely avoided, and suddenly Klaw was behind him. He caught T’Challa around the neck with one arm and held him in place. T’Challa beat and kicked, but the grip was strong as granite.
“I will make better use of it than the lot of you ever could,” Alpheus said.
T’Challa curled up and swung his feet over his own head, fighting to stay conscious at the increased pressure on his neck. He bent all the way over, put the balls of his feet on Klaw’s face, and kicked hard in the same instant that he bit down with all his might.
A chunk of flesh came off in his mouth, and Alpheus shrieked with pain. His grip loosened, and T’Challa was soaring through the air. He twisted to land properly, but Alpheus fired a sonic beam right after him. It hit him in the air.
It was like being hit with a hammer the size of his own body. Every nerve came to life, every bone felt like it was knocked out of place. Everything went dark for one terrifying second, and then he was laying on the ground on his back. One leg was bent up against some wall of the palace. Above him, white clouds floated by far above the black clouds on the ground. The sounds of fighting in the palace were dim now. Everything was dim. He tried to get up, but he couldn’t. He just couldn’t.
Out there somewhere, Alpheus blazed with bright power. “You’re still alive, aren’t you? I think I am going to kill your mother first. And then the Council. And then your sister. And then you can watch as I take your palace down to the ground, and you can watch as I execute every single Wakandan who doesn’t run screaming from my new lands. I think I will take your legs, oh mighty king.”
T’Challa tried to make a fist. He didn’t even feel pain. Nor weakness. It was just so hard to do. If only he could get to the armory. The corrupted Vibranium he had used before. It was there. If he could just crawl. If he could just make a fist. If he could ju-


T’Challa opened his eyes from what had felt like a long blink. Alpheus Klaw stood over him, crackling with energy.
“Violence is all you understand,” he said, grinning. “That’s why I had to walk across this entire damned continent, fighting for every piece of treasure I got. That’s why I had to pull every nugget of gold from a dead hand. That’s why I had to burn half a village for every meal I ate. None of them would give me what was mine.”
T’Challa glowered up at him from the ground. “ still won’t get it,” he whispered.
Alpheus stared back down at him for a second. “Actually, I think I’ll kill you first.” He raised a hand.
Another hand grabbed his wrist. Alpheus, surprised, looked up just as whoever had grabbed him punched him in the face. He was knocked off his feet and out into the dust.
T’Challa barely registered what had happened. A gentle hand reached down and touched him on the shoulder. It shook him gently.
“T’Challa,” the voice said.
Strength poured into T’Challa’s body. Everything broken in him seemed to knit back into place all at once. He jumped to his feet and faced the person who had helped him up, but a hand grabbed his shoulder and forced him to face away.
“Think about the fight, T’Challa.”
“But,” T’Challa said.
“The fight. Don’t think about anything else.”
A beam of energy flew out from the smoke, but T’Challa’s head was finally clear. He was clear of the rage and bloodlust, free from worry and his injuries. Every bit of focus was now on the fight, on Alpheus.
“Let’s go,” said the man at his side. They ran straight ahead, clearing the smoke in a single stride, and there he was, Alpheus Klaw, empowered by the spirit of his evil ancestor. T’Challa went high, kicking for his neck, while the man went low. Alpheus defended against the high kick, but T’Challa was ready for that. Moving with the perfect timing of the Umsiki wexesha, the first kick was a feint. He connected with Klaw’s jaw just as the man swept his leg. It was a brutal impact that would have instantly killed a mortal.
Klaw staggered and stayed on his feet, but they didn’t leave him time to recover. T’Challa hit him with a knee to the chest, and another jab under the armpit. Neither Alpheus nor Ulysses had the fighting experience to stand up to the two of them, even though his power was great. He failed to connect, failed to defend himself as they beat him from four angles at once, pummeling his face, his back, his neck, twisting his arms, hammering at his joints, until his physical body could not take any more.
He blasted out a huge burst of power, but T’Challa braced himself, taking the agony of the blast on his feet...but staying on his feet.
“Now, we end this!” shouted his companion.
T’Challa made a fist, drew power, took it from his legs to his breast, up his shoulder, down to his arm, where he felt it, felt the power of ages, the power of Kings flow over his muscles and tighten his sinews. He roared as the King of Panthers. He drove forward, striking with divine aim, and as he did so his companion, the seventh king, T’Chakka, the indomitable one, the sage one, the father of the light of Wakanda, joined him with shattering force.
Shuri screamed as she stabbed the flare into the cowering skeleton of Ulysses Klaw, its fire covering and consuming his writhing body in seconds.
There was an explosion, a bright, silent outward blowing of force, as Alpheus/Klaw came apart. He blew into pieces of light, a billow of moon dust, as if he had been an ancient, dead body as well, and T’Challa was truly taken to the air by the blast. This time he landed well, however, and he watched as Klaw’s power coalesced, flared, and then faded away.
It was over so quickly. The sounds of fighting in the palace faded soon after. T’Challa fell back onto the ground, exhausted. His muscles and bones ached, and whether it was from the beating he took or from immense power that had flooded his body for that moment, he could not say.
T’Challa, Black Panther of Wakanda, looked around at his burning palace, at his besieged city. It was finally over. He was alone.
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2021.10.28 02:12 Famous_Love_1690 C section healing questions

I’m 2 weeks postpartum from c section and curious on a few things I’ve been experiencing on whether it’s normal for the healing process or if I should call my doctor😅 So the past couple days I’ve been having some burning/twingey like feelings on my incision when I get up or walk every so often, it’s not constant but noticeable enough to question it. Secondly about 3-4 inches above me incision it’s pretty numb, I was thinking this could be normal just because they cut through so many nerves but does this eventually go away? And lastly what does a UTI feel like post c section if anyone has ever had one? In the mornings it’s very painful to pee but only in the morning and then it goes away, it’s like a burning feeling in my bladder like a usual UTI but I can also feel it in my stomach and it’s almost like a sore/cramping feeling. (TIA! I will most likely call my doctor anyways buts it’s 2am and I’m currently feeding my newborn and overthinking all of the things so I want to see if anyone else has experienced these things also🥲)
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2021.10.28 02:12 cookbook420 Late night dabs🔥

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2021.10.28 02:12 poor_adoptmeplayer How many arctic reindeers can a batdragon get?

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2021.10.28 02:12 Massive_Dinner 🐶Floki Musk 🐶 Stealth Launched 10 Minutes 🚀 | LP Locked 🔒 | 🔥 Small MC 🔥 | Marketing More Later Today! | Coinsniper First Page! | 10+ Hodlers

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2021.10.28 02:12 survivorsarah Help me decide on which class to take?

Hey! I'm trying to decide between two different classes for the spring: DIG 3043 Evolution of Video Games OR ENC 4416 Writing for Digital Environments. can anyone tell me a bit about these classes?
I'm going into Digital Media/Web Design, but I'd love to take some more classes about writing (is ENC4416 code writing or fictional writing?) OR a class all about video games. Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.28 02:12 mptkala 👜👜 $TRENDY 👠👠 | New Token for E-Commerce TrendyStore | 💎💎 The token you can spend on luxury products 💎💎| Redistribution, BuyBack and Anti-Bot system.

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Dextools Chart:
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2021.10.28 02:12 SherlyNoHappyS5 Made This at Work. Hope You All Like It~

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2021.10.28 02:12 SacredSacrifice I want to roleplay as an powerful mage that BLAST the absolute crap out of anyone that dares stand before me, but I already blasted my way through Skyrim already, what's next?

Pillars of Eternity? Blasted! Mass Effect? I prefer traditional mage over space mage but I blasted my way across the galaxy too! Dragon Age? Blasted! Dishonored? Blasted! (sneakily)
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2021.10.28 02:12 gbartali The GMEDD article about the possible Loopring / GME link

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2021.10.28 02:12 JJPJ Recent Releases, No. 20

Reviews of three more recent releases on CD:
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2021.10.28 02:12 Sufficient_Day4239 Anybody notice the circulating and total supply on

I was just wondering if anyone noticed it and what’s it exactly means?. There both at 589.7 Trillion, not a quadrillion, does that mean we’ve burnt half the supply?..
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