7thkk n5dn6 tifri 256by z3syh 7d447 d2rka 5457e 2nr76 4t2yz ffk24 yt6ki 4s9e6 99y56 3shdk d674n t8z6z kref5 r8hrd bnb2f 8k2fs The Dorm Gang ✨ | Lady Gang (@LadyGang6) | Twitter

The Dorm Gang ✨

Anjali Ryot was in Mexico with her husband to celebrate her 30th birthday. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

2021.10.28 02:13 lovelivy123 The Dorm Gang ✨

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2021.10.28 02:13 Mister_Tit What is a common car practice that you absolutely despise?

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2021.10.28 02:13 -Raskyl New horrible colors?

Refreshed my cryptowatch page this evening and my standard colors have been replaced with a hard/painful to look at red/blue combination. As well as a full-on with werewolf in front of it as a backdrop to my chart.... its really awful. Have I been hacked or was this a purposeful decision? Can I disable it? Or do I really have to go through and change my colors, again....
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2021.10.28 02:13 violentcrimesbykanye Do yall still miss the piano on pure souls or do y’all like the organ more now?

View Poll
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2021.10.28 02:13 Dollface_Killah Combat ‘systemic violence’, says victim’s sister, urging witnesses in police shooting to come forward

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2021.10.28 02:13 tubiseo SEO'nun Online Dünya'da Önemi

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2021.10.28 02:13 Davip1XD Need help to find the episode I was watching

Please, if anyone can help me... i remember that meredith had her first night with the first guy after derek, and penelope was sent to other state.
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2021.10.28 02:13 jordanarnarn Playing this game when you're already late for work

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2021.10.28 02:13 Fit-Cartographer-707 🐶 HeroShiba 🐶 Launching Now 🔥 BNB Auto Paid Hourly! 📈 | Automatic Liquidity Provision | Next 100x🚀

HEROShiba is a next generation reflective deflationary protocol built on Binance Smart Chain. HeShiba is capable of generating instant returns without gas, this means that holders can generate returns simply by holding the tokens in their wallet, with no further action required.
Tokenomic and Details

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🔐 Liquidity Lock 3 YEAR🔒 ✅ : https://deeplock.io/lock/0xc37c92dad080a0c23f6d5318af9057b9496371d8
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2021.10.28 02:13 neko_milk Looking to buy loomians for robux!

I have 11k robux in stock rn. Tell me what u wanna sell and name a price! (i do this by using gamepasses.)
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2021.10.28 02:13 destijeff Any way to change an app's icon + name?

So i have this extremely strict dad who randomly checks my computer for “Games”
Basically, he looks at the icon + name for ones he's seen before, and deletes them.
This regularly causes issues for me when he finds something that is NOT a game and deletes it(for example, he once deleted the Arduino programmer, when i CLEARLY had classes for it).
Here are some things i want to change
Clip studio(art thing, it takes super long to set up every time)
roblox(don't judge me)
Better yet, if anyone knows how to hide an app, that would be better
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2021.10.28 02:13 NewsElfForEnterprise Budget 2021: Rishi Sunak unveils help for low paid, pubs and businesses

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2021.10.28 02:13 Fabulous_Ad3747 🌟 LEGEND KISHU COIN 🌟 Stealth Launch 🌟 Listed On PancakeSwap 🌟 Liquidity locked 🌟 100x potential or more 🌟 Anti Whale

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🎯 100% verified contract 🎯
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2021.10.28 02:13 Final-Surprise-4073 Tebi predsedniče.....oh wait

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2021.10.28 02:13 bartonbasil I’m (20f) attracted to roommate (20f) while in a LDR

I’ve been with my girlfriend (18f) for almost 2 years, half of which has been long distance. We are both happy in the relationship and are committed to a future together. We have been handling long distance well and keep connected. The only thing is that I am a person with a high sex drive and she isnt. She also has some health issues which make some aspects of sex difficult. I have always been a little unsatisfied in that department. And then obviously being long distance I have no sexual outlet. We did do things over the phone for a while but now she is uncomfortale with that so we dont do it anymore. That would be fine and obviously I will live without sex, but my predicament is that I have become extremely sexually attracted to my roommate. I don’t have romantic feelings for her - I still feel very very in love with my girlfriend - but I am sexually attracted to her. I don’t really know what to do about this and I can’t avoid her because we are basically best friends and live together. I would not do anything to jeopardize my relationship and I trust myself, except we often get drunk together and we all get very touchy and it’s hard to think straight and make good decisions. I tend to get too close and act in a way I know my girlfriend wouldn’t be comfortable with. For example we all cuddle sometimes, which I know is normal for friends, but being that Im sexually attracted to her it feels wrong. I have been trying to get my gf to do things with me over the phone more, so my mind can think about her instead of anyone else, but she doesnt want to. Honestly I don’t view sex as a very serious or emotional thing and I would totally have sex with my roommate and not have it mean anything or deter from my relationship, but obviously my girlfriend would not be okay with that. I just dont know what to do about it. Should I talk to my gf and/or roommate? Is this a normal thing to experience in a LDR?
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2021.10.28 02:13 TraditionalGoal422 🐕DogeBASE Launched 5 Minutes | Next x100 gem | first Audit done💎 | Flokis last wish 💭| huge marketing 📈| FairLaunch 💰

Welcome to DogeBASE
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We are a team consisting of 3 motivated people, we will do everything
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What exactly to expect from us can be found on the roadmap on our website.
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💰 5 % BUSD Rewards
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All holders of DogeBASE tokens automatically receive $BUSD tokens
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We plan a Huge marketing, which includes
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➡️Contract: 0x0407F81DAa1dE3D6Fe6036514F57979EC9B8989A
➡️ Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x0407F81DAa1dE3D6Fe6036514F57979EC9B8989A
➡️ Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x0407F81DAa1dE3D6Fe6036514F57979EC9B8989A#readContract
➡️ LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x55e3787b7dc508ba5424f8e70819d07d51ed512d
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2021.10.28 02:13 DrawingOpen7601 Problem

Idk why but I can't buy any boosts using golden eggs.
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2021.10.28 02:13 realcsi Lost dog poster I saw north of campus

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2021.10.28 02:13 Vibmer These are some phenomenal stats to say the least #shibarmy

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2021.10.28 02:13 apexlover24 titanfall 2 play though

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2021.10.28 02:13 MurkyEducation7148 Tamannaah Bhatia

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2021.10.28 02:13 el_smurfo Error 7

I have one V3 can and more than half of my events come up with error 7, cannot view. My v2 don't do this...what is wrong with the cloud services on the V3. Do they only work with the also broken cam plus?
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2021.10.28 02:13 z1138 Does anyone have the Upromise Barclays Card?

I saw that the Upromise Barclays card has a $200 SUB. This is very high for the Barclays slate of cards. What are the positives or negatives of having this card?
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2021.10.28 02:13 Year-Representative A morph of mostly all Queen members put together. May, Deacon and Taylor are ethnic Brits and Mercury was a Parsi. Where do they all pass? Does this morph pass as fully British or does it look a bit off? (because Freddie Mercury was included in the morph)

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2021.10.28 02:13 hopkire TMJ and jaw atrophy? Is this possible?

I’ve posted this question to a couple other subs, but if it isn’t applicable here I’ll take it down.
Hey all, I was recently reading about patients with missing teeth who experience jawbone atrophy as the jawbone doesn’t receive chewing pressure. I’ve had TMJ for around a year and a half now and have tried to eat softer foods for the majority of that time. Would eating softer foods lead to jawbone atrophy and aesthetic/physical concerns down the line?
I read somewhere else that it’s a concern in patients with missing teeth as they lack the tooth nerve, and the tooth nerve, when in place, provides enough stimulus for the jawbone to not atrophy. Would this be case or what I said above? I’m just confused about the readings I’ve done. If anyone has any knowledge regarding this I would appreciate it!
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